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  1. Found a fix for this: emulating DirectX8 through dgVoodoo fixes the issue IF you limit your fps with vsync. DgVoodoo basically makes vsync work how it should (without dgVoodoo the game's vsync is buggy, it only lowers your fps somewhat and never syncs it up with the refresh rate) so even though you're theoretically getting the performance drop caused by the music you won't actually see it until you can hold the framerate that matches your monitor's refresh rate.
  2. Still having this issue:'s_Way#Stuttering_when_guards_are_alerted Any workaround for this? I don't want to play with music disabled.
  3. Seems like I exhausted the number of characters so I'll just continue in a new post: And that's what causes my fov issue with the launcher because I use a different solution when it comes to applying widescreen support. Wobak's widescreen mod offers better widescreen implementation because it doesn't stretch the weapon models, it adjusts most of the hud and ui elements and it also automatically adjusts the vertical field of view so I only have to edit the horizontal one in the ini file. URA's launcher also has automatic fov adjustment so the two settings collide and that results in stretched weapon models paired with a compressed image (= the level and the enemies appear taller than they should be). Btw. last year I could play the game with the same settings and Wobak's widescreen mod on this same machine without problems when I was still on Windows 7 and that's why my suspicion points toward a compatibility issue with Windows 10.
  4. Sorry again, it really was nothing personal, just a result of a lot of time already wasted so when I saw that the launcher introduced a new issue with the field of view I frankly just lost it. I'm just generally frustrated because I'm out of ideas and as a huge fan of playing classic titles and emulation that's a feeling I'm just not used to, I very rarely encounter as many problems as in this case and even if I do a solution usually surfaces. That occured to me as well so I re-installed the game and my GPU drivers a number of times (fresh installs without any kind of leftover files so of course) but I still couldn't solve any of the problems mentioned earlier. Of course anything else can be a factor too but I keep my OS very clean (I have Win 10 Pro 64 bit as well), I don't have any kind of software that could affect NOLF2's DirectX 8.1 tech and I have no issues with any other game (well, apart from NOLF1 but those were clear compatibility problems and I managed to solve most of them). Of course I can never be 100% sure but it's a pretty safe bet that my machine has nothing to do with it. Running as an administrator is usually the first compatibility option I enable when trying to run older games and I did my fair share or trial and error with the other settings as well (I tried it with no compatibility setting at first, then Win 7, Win XP SP2, Win XP Sp3, Win8 so all of the relevant options) both in the case of Nolf2.exe and the actual Lithtech.exe: they did not help one bit. What kind of GPU do you have? How old are your GPU drivers? It certainly could be a driver issue so who knows, maybe an older driver (I have the 368.69 Nvidia drivers) would help me. Anyway I did not mess around much with NOLF2 in the GPU control panel, I only experimented with some basic stuff: vsync (I even tried the new free sync option, it did not help), triple buffering, shader cache, pre-rendered frames and the only graphical overhaul I applied to the game were 16x anisotropic filtering, FXAA and DSR (2560x1440). Turning either of these options on or off made no difference. It's also worth to note that one of my problems (and frankly this one's the most important because this is what renders the game unplayable), the one with the stuttering when the guards are in search mode is reported by the game's PCGamingWiki page so it's certainly a widely known issue:'s_Way#Stuttering_when_guards_are_alerted
  5. What difference would a launcher make? Isn't that only for multiplayer? Edit: Yeah, nothing, still all the same issues + it messes up the widescreen mod because it seems to have its own terrible widescreen solution (a simple fov change I can do a lot better myself if I go to the config file? what a feature!). Thanks for wasting my time. Edit 2: Sorry for being harsh, I just wasted so much 'frelling' time on getting this game to work.
  6. This may sound harsh but let me you: whoever states that the game is working fine under Windows 10 must have just had a look and closed the game down because NOLF2 is literally unplayable on this OS. I have a list of things: - Vsync just doesn't work. The in-game setting only lowers the fps a bit (which of course does not help one bit because you'll still get stuttering) and using RivaTuner Statistic Server to limit your fps only results in unbearable framskipping issues. - Very frequent crashing with the widescreen mod. - On top of the stuttering and frameskipping issues mentioned earlier the game stutters heavily whenever a guard enters search mode and the only way to fix this is by fully disabling music so you can basically choose between an unplayable and an unenjoyable game. Thanks, but no thanks. Bottom line: NOLF2 works on Windows 10 but it's practically unplayable and you can do nothing to solve your issues (I've tried everything, wasted almost 6 hours trying every kind of workaround). Spare yourself the trouble and just don't even try. Win 10 64 bit, i7 2600 3.4 ghz, GTX 970.
  7. Yes, I did: my "reward" was bad mouse control paired up with the same fps drops. However I could somewhat alleviate the issue by changing some of my hotkeys to frequently used gadgets through the autoexec.cfg and I could also set up custom hotkeys to my F1-F4 keys so it's a lot more manageable now. This game is in dire need of an updated digital release or an HD remaster. I'd gladly sacrifice my copy of Contract Jack at a WB altar for it.
  8. I have a problem on Windows 10: I get serious fps drops whenever I use the zoom function of the sniper rifle or if I cycle through my gadgets and weapons and the small icons appear on the center bottom of the screen. The drops when I zoom in I can live with but I'd love to find a way to just get rid of cycling through weapons and gadgets completely. It's just tedius (and on superspy sometimes infuriating) to cycle through everything, it makes the stuff like the lipstick grenade completely useless in a firefight because you simply can't select it fast enough. Is there any way to set some of the gadets to hotkeys?
  9. Any luck in solving it? I'm having the same problem.
  10. I have the same issues with the GOTY Edition (running on Windows 10 64 bit with jackfuste's widescreen patch). So far I managed to find nothing on this sadly, seems like Win 10 just has a problem with the game. 'frell' WB for not letting Night Dive remaster the game, seriously.
  11. Jackfuste's patch supports all kinds of WS resolutions, he just used 21:9 aspect ratio shots to show it off I guess.
  12. That would be marvelous, especially now as it seems like this widescreen patch was abandoned too. There is a new widescreen fix for NOLF1 and that has problems like this too (misaligned texts here and there, same issue with the scope) so if you can you should look at that game too.
  13. Here's an issue I've found, don't know if it can be fixed though. This is how the weapon zoom screen looks like with the mod: It's only a visual problem, aiming works perfectly of course. Don't know if you've changed anything as far as the zoomed fov goes but it feels natural.
  14. It's a shame really. I got excited when I saw that we have a good widescreen mod now. I'd help if I could but I know nothing about editing an exe. I'd imagine there's a "weaponaspect" setting or something like that in there a hex editor could find somehow but it can be a lot trickier and basically the only hex editing I've done was to change resolutions in some older games. The only other solution that comes to mind could be a separate weapon mod that has weapon models fit for 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios with the stretching considered but of course I have no idea how the game works and if that's even possible. Even if it's possible it may end up looking like garbage. The source for the game is available though but I have no idea if that can be of any assistance.