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  1. Return of H.A.R.M

    are there any updates on when the next chapter's gonna surface yet?
  2. Welcome To [U.N.S.C] Clan.

    one question: why are you posting about this in here? this is a "No One Lives Forever"-community forum. and if i am not mistaken your clan does not have a nolf squad
  3. 2007

  4. Who is Smile!?

    someone living around dallas then maybe?
  5. Who is Smile!?

    on which server have you been, because there is some difference if it was an american server. on a euro-server usually dutch people have such good pings... or the brits
  6. Fox Interactive is revived, does this means....

    maybe in 2010...
  7. NOLF promo videos?

  8. Weird dude called 007

    a ping of 37 on euro servers isn't very califiornian though that would be around 180
  9. Fat vs Thin

    i'm neither gangsta nor emo
  10. NOLF promo videos?

    smudge, could you please decrease the amount of " "-smileys in your posts? < maybe something like that with another "story" could be good for promotion
  11. Fat vs Thin

    maybe some people feel offended being called fat. just a thought
  12. NOLF promo videos?

    i dunno if everybody who's interested in purchasing nolf can stand the music playing in the background btw is the sound of the vid only screwed up for me or do other people also experience this problem? because other youtube vids work fine for me
  13. Help wanted for re-installing rocket launcher

    why don't you also reinstal phos? i miss it
  14. The Happy Birthday thread

    you forgot about gerda!