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  1. supercarz1991

    Weapons Mod 5B

    should be the Custom/Mod folder then activate it through the launcher
  2. supercarz1991

    using blender to create landscape

    3ds max 7 is VERY hard to find as is AliasWaveFront Maya 5.0. I have both
  3. supercarz1991

    using blender to create landscape

    i use 3ds max 7 for all my mapping when it comes to making a landscape, i use a 3d OBJ Screenshot ripper. I use the "Auto Landscape" Function of Trackmania Sunrise/United, dump it with textures, and build on it i need to get my 3ds max reinstalled, but i might post how to rip Source Engine models today
  4. supercarz1991


    i'll end up setting up custom web pages to control the Launcher to know when a server is playable or not...but that's later, right now we just share server info between a small group of friends and yes i know its not based on the Retail version... but it worked just fine on my retail version. i tested it completely inside and out. Block Fort's last release will be when i release it for TPS. After that, it'll be retired and i'll start a new map
  5. supercarz1991


    i use the CJ Multi-demo myself daily for my personal FPS game. if you just send the CMD line code of "+join <IP>:<Port>" and run the dedicated server, it works perfectly
  6. supercarz1991


    there's a small bug in the map that i can't seem to fix so i just deleted it completely. i have a few maps i might work on soon. I'm busy with a project i'm calling "TPS." currently working on a coop mode for it and its gonna end up being a full game modification for the Contract Jack multiplayer demo... so far so good
  7. supercarz1991

    CJ Custom maps fotos

    nice lookin maps! you make em in dedit completely? or do you start in something like 3ds max and move on to dedit
  8. supercarz1991

    joining problems CJ

    i might have a universal loader for this coming soon its like Join by IP but a little more indepth
  9. supercarz1991


    it's all custom texture, should be in the TEXTURES and PROPS folders
  10. supercarz1991


    thanks for making me the rez file! i'll post that up soon. The only time i have a chance to upload things is tuesdays and thursdays since the internet speed where i'm currently living is frankly &#39;frack&#39; XD
  11. supercarz1991


    My first release for you guys! Game: NOLF2 AND Contract Jack! Version: 1.1 type: DM map Creator: Me, i go by supercarz, kaptinboxxi or boxxi usually Description: This is the map from Mario Kart 64 multiplayer Block Fort! Its setup for death match, has a secret custom model for ground pickups for ammo as well the dedit file and textures are encluded! I kinda suck at making the rez file... I couldn't get it to work, but the map works 100% download NOLF2 CJ sorry this doesn't follow the exact guide line for a rez file! if someone could help me out and make it a rez file, that'd be awesome
  12. supercarz1991

    Lego World!

    this is an example of converting a Source Engine map to NOLF2, its insanely easy i also have Oil Rig from Combat Arms i'm converting to NOLF2/CJ/TPS
  13. supercarz1991

    Are there any source code modifications so far?

    i think most the people here are nolf2 now adays. check the download section
  14. supercarz1991

    i have no DeathMatch Maps?

    i removed the ammo box pickups and it worked fine on nolf2. hopefully that map can be my first release to the NOLF2/CJ world XD its kinda weird runnin around a mario kart map with guns blazin
  15. supercarz1991

    UnityHQ needs your help

    my first payday of my new job i'll donate a good bit