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  1. 3ds max 7 is VERY hard to find as is AliasWaveFront Maya 5.0. I have both
  2. i use 3ds max 7 for all my mapping when it comes to making a landscape, i use a 3d OBJ Screenshot ripper. I use the "Auto Landscape" Function of Trackmania Sunrise/United, dump it with textures, and build on it i need to get my 3ds max reinstalled, but i might post how to rip Source Engine models today
  3. nice lookin maps! you make em in dedit completely? or do you start in something like 3ds max and move on to dedit
  4. i might have a universal loader for this coming soon its like Join by IP but a little more indepth
  5. this is an example of converting a Source Engine map to NOLF2, its insanely easy i also have Oil Rig from Combat Arms i'm converting to NOLF2/CJ/TPS
  6. i think most the people here are nolf2 now adays. check the download section
  7. i removed the ammo box pickups and it worked fine on nolf2. hopefully that map can be my first release to the NOLF2/CJ world XD its kinda weird runnin around a mario kart map with guns blazin
  8. my first payday of my new job i'll donate a good bit
  9. yes it was. although it was for the NOLF2 source code that comes with the Lithtech Jupiter Enterprise. if i could find my LTA, i'd recompile and see if thats the issue
  10. this is a side project i've been working on. There's TONS of hackers running around the real Combat Arms, so that got me thinking... "Why don't i just convert all the guns to NOLF2 and make custom maps and try to convert the real ones?" and the idea was born so far i've 100% redone the ClientFX so all the fx in NOLF2 are more realistic now and look just like CA's all DTX files are converted and just waiting to match up to something AR's Pistols' Sniper's are all converted gonna try a character later anyone wanna join in?
  11. LivesForever in custom Mods and my DM_BLOCKFORT.REZ in resources i tried doing a simple replacement map rename and that even crashes also crashes with 100% of no mods applied
  12. Fixed... New Problem Out of memory when loading my maps? They worked on the demo version of NOLF2?
  13. i made hacks for my own fps lithtech game just for the fun of it lol
  14. i got bored lol Image no longer accessible has 2 bases for TDM everyone spawns in base instead of outside where vulnerable up to 24 players lot's of room to run aorund and just have fun might release for you NOLF2 folks lol
  15. this is all coming from an experienced combat arms modder any kind of hack you may patch, i have probably done in a rez mod Fly mod can be done by modifying the Jump animation of a child model of a character VJump can be modded via the crouch animation glitch key can be done via the walk animations on top of that super knife done via modifying the fire_key on weapon models rapid fire is the same unlimited ammo mod works on NOLF2 Wallhack can be done via RenderStyles if your gonna patch hacks, you gotta patch modding the files too