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  1. ...ummm i tried it but still is thte same
  2. What does clean uninstall do other than sound sanitary???xp
  3. It is i even re installed the game...so maybe ill jst have to go back and do some tweeking by using the old advice you guys told me.(UPDATE) I guess ill get some calls around to also help me out...ill still come in for some suggestions. Thank you for helping out a newbie like me....xp...(most thanks to the beautiful "eliteone").
  4. I dont know what to do after i installed the update and nothing happened its still the same.
  5. Well im no good with computer parts...going to get some classes on that. So where should i check on what type of motherboard i got?
  6. Alrite ill tryi it out but i think i tried before.....ill double check
  7. I downloaded and installed but still no go...and ill check on my motherboard and be back on that.
  8. So i guess ill be running the game on subtitles...T.T
  9. Sound Card: Realtek AC97 Audio Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Direct X: 9.0
  10. I did the one with the manual installation of the codec and that didnt work. I tried disabling the sound filter and the sound hardware, than both to be sure. Still nothing worked and i got nothing left. I also tried downloading the the patch from sierra saying to fix sound issues, but when i start the game again it doesn't respond and i have to re-install again. Does anyone else have a suggestion on how to fix the sounds.(mostly the speech isnt working)