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  1. While we're waiting for that re-release, I figured I'd add some suggestions for stuff to do in the meantime. The most obvious one being... Archer! Seriously, if you like spies and haven't see it yet, do so immediately. Then there's Alpha Protocol. Not a very successful game, but seems to have become a bit of a cult favourite since. In anime there's Noir. Not very sixties, but twice the female superspies! And from the world of comics, I'd suggest Casanova. 60s-ish spyfy at its finest!
  2. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    Who has the rights to NOLF? No one seems to know.

    A minor correction there. Vivendi bought Activision, it still owns 52% of the new ActivisionBlizzard (the rest being traded on the stock market and owned by various parties). It was sold as a merger, though, for various PR related reasons, so no wonder there's confusion about that. It's now organised as a small management at the top supervising two big divisions, the Activision part and the Blizzard part. The Activision part consists of the former Activision plus all the non-Blizzard stuff that Vivendri brought in, which includes the former Sierra properties. So logically the NOLF rights should be somewhere in that part of the company unless someone sold it off/took it home without telling anyone. Apparently there were a few trademark rights that expired recently as well, probably as a result of the fact that no one knows who owns the thing so no use paying for trademarks either. Some more tiny tidbits of info came up in the comments at Rockpapershotgun.
  3. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    Global Revolution

    Hail Eris. Have an apple.
  4. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    I remember acid rain

    The part of the world where I used to live. The winds were usually west. But when they were east, they came from the Ruhr. The industrial heartland of Europe. I remember the taste of the rain. Tangy. Metallic. Acid. I wondered whether pine trees had seasons. Because they were all brown. Thank you regulators. Thank you sensible people. For making our brown forests green again.
  5. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    10 years of avoidence

    I saw some news footage about the earthquake in Spain yesterday. They were interviewing an old lady who said she heard 'a lound bang, like an explosion'. ZOMG THEY BLEW UP SPAIN!!!
  6. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    10 years of avoidence

    I think it will be, depending how you look at it. The actual Al-Qaeda organisation was pretty much destroyed already, and Bin Laden being dead is a big blow to Al-Qaeda the movement as well. Fatty mcUglyface Al-Zawahiri just isn't as charismatic as Bin Laden was. Then again, unless you're living in Iraq or Afghanistan, you're more likely to be hit by lightning than a terrorist attack anyway, so for most people it won't make much of a difference.
  7. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    Monolith is going to make a new game!

    Actually, F.E.A.R. 3 is being made by Day 1 Studios, with limited involvement of Monolith themselves, which means Monolith hasn't released anything since the F.E.A.R. 2 DLC in 2009.
  8. [TNT] Sonic Goo


    I closed it after reading the title of the first one: 'the sun of god returns'. Language is the vehicle of the mind.
  9. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    You know, for kids!

    LOL Someone finally gets it!
  10. [TNT] Sonic Goo


    Actually, that does look good enough to sell commercially. As for hobbies... if you're so deep into gaming as I am right now, the line tends to blur quite a bit and you're happy with anything actually resembling 'a life'. Like Tindersticks at the Opera House next week! \o/
  11. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    NOLF Social Convention

    Actually, the first place that came to my mind...
  12. [TNT] Sonic Goo


    Does anyone know what device the guitarist is holding here to get that continuous tone? (Slightly different angle) Edit: nevermind, it's an Ebow
  13. [TNT] Sonic Goo

    Bad news!

    I don't know exactly what this will mean, but it sounds bad...
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    . (It seems high is in.)