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  1. OMG - that fixed it. Thank you. Default setting for brushes is Gouraud? That certainly is not clever. The Particle stuff will be solved later. I'm starting to get the hang of it again, has been over ten years since I last touched a level editor. Thank you both. @Sgt Pepper: A pity that adress in your sig doesn't work.
  2. Update: Software Rendering shows the same results. Mmmprh. Guess somethings wrong with the light already during compile. Don't like "Lighting took 0.00 seconds". Lighting world Ambient light (10.0, 10.0, 10.0) Setting up world for lighting Lighting data built in 0.00 seconds Lighting polys : 36 Lighting nodes : 3 Number of polies in lighting: 36 Lighting BSP nodes: 32 Lighting BSP first null node: 3 Lighting BSP longest chain: 3 Lighting BSP Full Nodes: 7 Lighting BSP took 0.00 seconds to generate Light table resolution: (3x2x3) Lighting grid took 0.00 seconds to generate Lighting grid size in memory: 0k Lighting points took 0.00 seconds to generate Vertex colors took 0.00 seconds to generate Base lightmaps took 0.00 seconds to generate Lightgroups took 0.00 seconds to generate Lighting took 0.00 seconds
  3. Hi, thanks. It helps in so far that the Ambient is displayed correctly and no longer results in milky mud on the screen. Actual light objects, however, are still dark and the particle system still.... strange....
  4. Hello, I have a severe problem running worlds constructed in DEdit. The Light objects don't shed light. The levels are dark, or, if ambient lighting is set, milky grey. I also included a fire. The fire particle system turned out like in the picture and also sheds no light. I figure, something is wrong with the renderer, though DEdit options use the same settings as the actual game, which runs fine. Any suggestions what's wrong and how to fix that?
  5. Welcome to the forums Loremaster :)