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  1. Nice to see you there, mate. You know my opinions on it.
  2. Watching "Mission Bloody Mary", awesome 60s spy film!!

  3. JamesBond

    Spy games

    Old school FPS games rarely exist nowadays, let alone a spy game with gadgets and that kind of stuff. Well, you'd probably like to try all the Bond games that are not made by Activision. To list a few: Nintendo 64: 1-GoldenEye 007 (1997) 2-The World Is Not Enough (2000) PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube: 1-Agent Under Fire (2001) 2-Nightfire (2002) 3-Everything or Nothing (2004) Windows PC: Nightfire (2002) (differs from the console version)
  4. JamesBond

    NOLF 1 at E3 1999... Adam Church?

    It seems MGM have always been evil. If the character's name is Adam Church, then what has it got anything to do with James Bond? There were lots of Eurospy films in the 1960s that imitated the James Bond genre and parodied it. One of the biggest examples being Our Man Flint, or OSS 117, or Agent 077 trilogy. It's like MGM wanted to pick on Monolith for trying to outshine their Bond franchise. That's evil. But, that turn out to be good in having the Indomitable Cate Archer in the leading role. Here's me hoping we could see Mr. Adam Church as a secondary character in a future NOLF game if any gets to be made. Thanks, Eliteone.
  5. JamesBond

    NOLF 1 at E3 1999... Adam Church?

    I don't know if this has been probably talked before, but does any one of you, aside from the very few First Person Shooter screenshots, have the footage of the original NOLF1's protagonist, Adam Church's portrait or a preview of him? Because I have never seen him, but aside from the screenshots, it's reported that there's an early video footage of NOLF1, which at first didn't have Cate Archer at all, but the male protagonist called Adam Church. I wonder if anyone of you has the footage that I requested to see. It was shown during E3 1999. Well, your help is much appreciated.
  6. Emma Peel? Can I see a preview of her at first, please?
  7. JamesBond

    Potential NOLF 3 story idea?

    Greetings again, mates. Sorry about my long-time absence. So, here's what I've been thinking about. Remember when NOLF 1 at first was going to feature a male character called Adam Church? Well, I never saw any footage of the original development, nor the main character. But, here's what I've come up with. Remember the original blurb? Remember Adam Church was an agent of MI0 instead of UNITY? Well, we could use that name to rebuild a deeper storyline. What if, this time, Cate Archer wouldn't be the protagonist of the NOLF 3 game, and instead a newcomer called Adam Church (in my imagination, closely modeled after Sean Connery's James Bond) has been recruited. After the abduction of Cate Archer and the destruction of UNITY, with only a few members surviving the blast (Bruno and Mr Jones most definitely), they start a secret intelligence society under the codename "MI0". Don't worry, UNITY comes back in the end, but MI0 serves as a secondary codename for the agency, just like MI6 is to SIS (Secret Intelligence Service). So, what if Danger Danger has been bought in by HARM and they build a lot bigger and a lot more dangerous threat to the world's security? Something that even Cate Archer isn't able to prevent? That's why Adam Church is here. Both join each other's forces when Adam rescues Cate from captivity and they both go to take down HARM for once and for all. Thanks for reading. It would be interesting to hear about your suggestions.
  8. JamesBond

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    As I said, it was a COD clone.
  9. JamesBond

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    My friend, I expect the worst, in order not to get disappointed. Sometimes you expect the best, and it lets you down. I'm fed up with all of that. Seeing the storyline where Nazis won the war bothers me a lot. I cannot comment on the gameplay but what we've seen with the 2009 video game literally sucked. I bet they'll be doing the same. But, who knows? They haven't revealed how the gameplay would look like yet.
  10. JamesBond

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    A few new concept arts: Location: Asylum Interior Location: Germania Location: London Nautica Space Dome Nazi Guard. Robot Guard. Panzer Hund. Laser Kraftwerk.
  11. JamesBond

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Twelve new screenshots have been released:
  12. JamesBond

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Yes, I stated that above. The New Order will take place in 1960s, but in an alternate timeline where Nazis have won WWII (which is what puts me off), but reportedly, the gameplay is going to feature classic Old School formula instead of MMS (COD). But, there's something fishy around here. Do you remember the first Quake? Where something was said about alternate dimensions and timelines?
  13. JamesBond

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    BJ's new look.