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  1. Where exactly are you stuck ?
  2. much better, no ? unfortunately Wolfenstein : The New Order action will take a place in 60's.So as matters stand Bj.B should look a little bit older
  3. So, all the series were good except the last one, but if you like Bj.B will probably worth it
  4. AllRed

    I need help !

    YOU ARE A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! thanks agent URA !
  5. AllRed

    I need help !

    Hello UHQ, First of all:Only one week past from my DEdit experience and i`m running out of options...i am fully dedicated myself to make maps or some cool mods in DEdit but i am little stuck. Therefore:I request for help, so let me explain what problem i've got here for example: i create room and i apply texture (everything is ok now ) after i run my map i am not able to see texture (everything is white) however i played game without any problems like that, already finished it (i speak about Nolf 2) In conclusion:I dunno if i have a video card problem (Is intel gma 950, no AGP texture support PS:2.0 version) or i do something wrong with DEdit Thanks P.S:Sorry for my bad eng long live this community, my first post yuhu i made it !
  6. Welcome to the forums AllRed :)