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  1. i had the same problem, that was (at least for me), a multi-processor problem, i think that the lithtech.exe file, does not work properly with a multi processor machine, (or multi core processor, as you want), i fixed it this way : - launch the game, normal way - when in-game, press alt/Tab, then you are back on your desktop - press Ctrl-Alt-Suppr, then you can launch the task manager - in the task manager select the "process" panel, and search for "lithtech.exe" - right click on "lithtech.exe", and then select "define affinity..." (or similar, in french i have "définir l'affinité") - now if your PC is 7/8 years old you surely have more than one processor, then select only one processor ("UC 0" in Windows 7 X64) - click "OK", you are done ! this config will last as long as you modify it or until your next worked for me, and i think this can work for many others, just give it a try...
  2. no firewalls, on both machines, and no firewalls on both modem/routers, i think we played this game with Hamachi years ago, with the same configs, so i don't understand as Hamachi would "make his way" through firewall and he is blocked nowadays...
  3. infortunately, it's not a static IP...and i'm not goin to suscribe to it as i don't know if it ll work... i've got a last card solution...playing with my friend with something like Hamachi or some software like this, with a kind of VPN, but it doesn't work either...i mean, i can see my friend's directories, and files, in network neighborhood, and so him from the other side of the tunnel, but he can't see my nolf2 server even in lan mode...i'm starting to think that this is the last time we're going to have fun with this awesome game... yesterday, we have tried these : - hamachi - wippien - remobo (a "old hamachi" clone) in all cases, we can see and access to each other PCs and directories, but nothing with Nolf2 server...we have tried all softwares in their last versions, so...i think we can close the No One Lives Forever book... if you have any ideas to help us playing...feel free...
  4. ok, after a day break, i decided to try again with the router, so i have forwarded the 27888 & 27889 ports to the WAN ip of my server, (, and again it is the same...i can see my server from the client window, BUT again, **offline**, and ???... i've tried with a simple modem/router and conclusion : When i test the 27888 & 27889 ports from a security website : - with LIVEBOX2 : ports are closed (both) - with modem router (ST510) : ports are opened and "stealth" so here it is, the LIVEBOX have a nice problem with the opening of specified ports, that's confirmed by a search on google, and many people have the same problem with this model... and in both cases, the same problem that i described before : **offline** and ??? (yes, with the ports that are opened and forwarded with the modem router also...) just in case : the box's firewall is fully disabled and the port forwarding is configured as this, with a DMZ that is the server's IP (
  5. ok, i followed your instructions and re-made the port forwarding in my router => same bug...(**offline** & ???) so i asked a friend (the other "nolfer"), to make a server from his home, (so with other hardware than at my home, he also made the port forwarding in his router) => exactly the same bug (**offline** & ???) he has a windows XP home sp3 (x86), so i can tell today that the problem is not from the windows's a start... I want to know why this damn server doesn't want to work correctly !!!! maybe from our game installation ? in order : - install from original CDs - update 1.003 - mappack 1 - mappack 2 regfix - mappack 2 - nocd 1.003 in root folder of the game (lithtech.exe and nolf2.exe) - exemods 1.0 - copy of the LivesForever.rez in the right folder (No One Lives Forever 2/Custom/Mods/LivesForever/) - copy of the join by IP tool in the root folder of the game. - play ! and fail ! (for the server only, the clients seems to work perfectly and they can join public servers without any problems.
  6. ok, i have edited the player.txt file and now i have a "war name" for my coop server (great !), i have also compared my player .txt file with the orion98 one, and modified some settings as : [Multiplayer] LANOnly = TRUE => changed to FALSE BandwidthServer = 3 => changed to 5 BandwidthServerCustom = 1500 => changed to 10000 [Cooperative] MaxPlayers = 4 => changed to 8 SessionName = "Nolf 2 Coopératif" => changed to "Nolf 2 Coop rehcrA etaK" the rest of the settings were OK, so no modification except the above ...and now... settings have changed in the dedicated server's window, (normal), but no changes at all in the client's server list window...always **offline** and ??? i must have missed something but what ????
  7. ok, BUT : - i have installed the right things (uh ?) - i start the server as you do, with the "livesforever" mod, that's the only thing that seems right in the server's list. - i have no firewall activated in windows (2008 server std SP1). - i have switched off the router's firewall - i have no antivirus in windows. - the ports are forwarded correctly in my router. - i have tested this server in 2 different PCs with the same results...(first PC with 2008 server sp1 std, and the second with Windows 7 X64 Home Premium sp2...). as i said, i see my server, in the server list of my client PC, BUT it is **offline** and with no informations at all... and where can i change my server's name ?, where can i put a password ?, all these little things that i use to make years ago and that i have forgotten today...
  8. on both PCs, i installed the followings : - NOLF2_ExeMods_1.0.exe (that modifies/add new .exe in root folder of the game) - LivesForever.rez mod (in "No one Lives Forever 2/Custom/Mods/LivesForever" folder) - JoinByIp tool, (in the root folder of the game) for my server : - i launch the Nolf2srv.exe, and the "LivesForever" mod, that is activated via the "custom" section in the game launcher, when i launch it, the program ask me if i want to "host an internet server" and i accept by clicking OK here is the main interface informations : SERVER INFO : - server name : Nolf 2 coopératif - game type : cooperative - running time : 07m:28s - peak players : 0 - Total/Unique Players : 0/0 PLAYERS : - Current Players 0/4 - Average Ping : 0 CONSOLE : null Disconnecting from host: Initializing the server... -- game.rez -- game -- game2.rez -- gamedll.rez -- Sound.rez -- gamel.rez -- gamep.rez -- gamep2.rez -- Custom\Mods\LivesForever\LivesForever.rez Server initialized. Server is running. Connecting to host: SFI Clan CServerMissionMgr::StartGame() setting difficulty to 0 CServerMissionMgr::StartGame() setting difficulty to 1 Loading world: Worlds\RetailSinglePlayer\c01s01 Loaded world: Worlds\RetailSinglePlayer\c01s01 in 1.11 seconds Error loading model: FX\WATERFALL2.LTB 0 00 Invalid Header Added 10 regions DoRunWorld completed in 3.84 seconds for the client : - i launch the nolf2.exe, and the "LivesForever" mod, that is activated via the "custom" section in the game launcher, i see the server, but with the lines i wrote a few lines before, with ??? or **offline**... that's all i have now, but if i can make a test or anything, let's go...
  9. i've just looked at the ports in my router (Livebox2), and it's OK at this level, ports 27888/27889 are opened and good to go...but absolutely no change in the server list, (of course, i've restarted my dedicated server)...
  10. ok, it's on the way to work fine !!! i installed the "lives forever" mod on my server, and activated the mod in the custom menu, i launched the dedicated server, and...i finally see my server in the servers list But : this is the exact synthax of what is displayed in the server list : Name : **offline** NOLF2 Coopératif Players : ?/? Map : ??? Mode : ??? Mod : LivesForever Ip : "my server's internet IP" so as you see, first, the server is offline, and when i try to connect with my client, i get this : ""unable to join seleted game session"" AND nothing is displayed in the details... any ideas ?
  11. hy, and hail to the nolf2 community, with all my respects for the job with the mods i am a new member at this forum, but i used to play nolf and particularly nolf2 when it was brand new, and bought it in 2002, and i also used to play coop with a friend with a program called "modified server v1.0.1 beta "by dan", that seems to work like a charm in LAN, but i can't seem to make it work as an internet server, (it's a dedicated server). back in time i made custom coopmission.txt files, that works fine today, but only in lan mode. so my questions are the following : - what must i tweak in config file(s) to make it "internet playable" (and by the way, in whitch config file(s)), BTW my server doesn't have a specific "internet killer name" , mine is just "no one lives forever coopératif" (yes...french...nobony's perfect i assume...), so where do i modify it, in config file(s) of course, (again, it's a dedicated server so i can't modify anything other than with these config file(s)...). - i saw that the master server was down, so i use programs that i downloaded here for the clients PCs, as "lives forever" mod and "Join By IP" tool, works nice too, but i want to enter my server's IP adress and there is no way to do it, (or i didn't saw it...possible too...french i said...) sorry for the maybe dumb questions, but i made these modifications a very long time ago, and i don't remember all i did a that time... don't hesitate to ask questions if necessary, i'll try to answer my best. thanks in advance
  12. Welcome to the forums rehcraetak :)