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  1. Cheese Puff

    Duty Report

    Times must be off. I was in with Ted, Hugo, and Goncalo
  2. Not sure I understand - do the answers match the question ? The middle answer suggests to me that the question should read: "Should we CONTINUE hosting game servers"? Would it help spread the money collected if fewer options were available ? - I think there are 3 options running (DD, DM, coop) IF this was cut back will it save money?
  3. I have been getting in by "Custom IP" Tab and putting in :
  4. Great to play with you, and you learned fast... ...hope to see you again in there !
  5. This is disturbing news, and very sad indeed. I know we will sorely miss his involvement in our community.... ...A Great Player, and a great person RIP
  6. Well after yet more false hope I finally found the true answer.... ......I needed to update driver for graphics card. Thought I would post in case anyone needs to refer to such a similar problem. All of the above actions were required to bring about a playable set up
  7. Yay, I can barely contain my excitement....... ......The one thing I forgot to try was running it in XP mode, and damn it that worked Thank you so much for the offerings of help Looking forward to killing you all later
  8. I have a Logitech and a Dynex Mouse. I have tried both, and checked that drivers upto date on both. I find it so strange how the problem only occurs inside the "playing screens" Also I have tried re-installing NOLF 3 times in case that would help, but alas........
  9. I was so excited to see such a quick response (I am suffering severe NOLF withdrawal)... ...However my hopes were dashed as it does not seem to have worked Admittedly I had to learn how to edit a config file, and this has been my first attempt. I copied in the code you suggested and deleted the similar lines which were already there: rangebind "##mouse" "##y-axis" 0.000000 0.000000 "Axis2" scale "##mouse" "##y-axis" 0.003500 rangebind "##mouse" "##x-axis" 0.000000 0.000000 "Axis1" scale "##mouse" "##x-axis" 0.003500 At first I just copied in the code, but this appeared to cause the game to crash. If there are any further suggestions they will be greatly received
  10. I am at a loss what to try to get my mouse working properly. Just had to purchase new computer with windows 7. No problems with getting into the game, and managed to get on the servers. Yet mouse will not do as its told whilst in game. It behaves navigating through the menu screens up to the point of playing a map (both single and multiplayer) Once in a map, even navigating the option screens is difficult. Have tried disabling just about everything, fiddled with every control setting, and turned off all special effect and display settings. Has anyone ever come across anything similar? Thanks for any assistance you may be able to offer... .....maybe will see you in game soon
  11. Merry Christmas to Y'all Hope Santa brings you what you wanted
  12. 2 pennies always welcome...........but 5...well !
  13. Windows 7 you say...... Were there any issues running NOLF2 in this OS ?
  14. Cheese Puff

    The Phos Debate

    I dislike playing against the noob weapons (unless used by the true noob), however I think it is part of the game, and particularly with the rocket it creates as many suicides as deaths. This being said, there was a recent game which left me shell shocked, as similarly commented by Onyx, the constant raining of rocket fire was deafening. For this reason I would vote to limit the number of Rockets to 1 or 2
  15. Cheese Puff

    Czech Imposter

    I would like to add a polite request on behalf of BAB, that the people who are trying give our members a bad name. Please just stop it. I believe some investigation has been completed and two people are involved. It is not good for the community to have players banned, but I believe these actions should not be tolerated, and will encourage server admins to ban the players IP addresses I hope those involved will be able to prevent any further problems. Many Thanks Cheese Puff, and all at BAB