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  1. TP5551981

    NOLF2 dead or alive

    Hi Yeah , that looks awesome in compare to the Original ^^ But i have some problems with Graphics and Reload a Save Game Here my full Post about this :
  2. TP5551981

    NOLF2 PC power consumption

    Hi @UltimateONE and Agorath Vsync can be Disabled or Enabled , but the Game must be Capped to 50 or 60FPS , all Nolf Games have big problems with about 60FPS , the Game runs too Fast , Music Overlapping when Guard Alert , and much laggs The Multiplayer for all Nolf Games , have no problems with about 60FPS , i did play CJ MP every with avg. 250-300FPS. Just the Single Player. Fix 1: Cap the FPS , use DXtory or Msi Afterburner ! Fix 2: Turn of Music in the Launcher ! Fix 3 : Vsync Enable , but than can cause input Laggs !!! Graphic Issus can be Fixed with DGVoodoo 2.54 . just unzip 3 dll Files from the MS Folder to Nolf2 Root Dir , and it is Fixed !
  3. Hi I have this problem too , but just after reload the Savegame ! I have a GTX950 with installed Driver 397.64 , and tested with a older Driver 385.41 under Win 8.1 non Pro x64 . I Could fix this problem with DgVoodoo 2.54 , but i want to Use Reshade , and DGVoodoo dlls + Reshade dosnt work or Reshade dosnt start up. And only wih Reshade i have no Textures , and the same Error like before , Reshade + ENB d838to9 dll works then , but still the same Error , just DgVoodoo fix this hmm. I did today Tested with Intel HD Graphics 2500 , Alocated Ram up 1GB , this works 100% with all Reshade also , and the Game did not Crash . just on Quit from Main Menu it Crashed , so causes the Nvidia Drivers this problem !! Q: Which Nvidia Drivers works 100% with Nolf 2 and have no problems with some Siberia Levels or General problems ? What i know from URA he have a AMD RX570 with installed Driver 18.2.2 under Win10 x64 , no problems and play the Game in 2560x1080 too ! And because the 21:9 Patch , this Error cause too without also Retail 1.3 and with lowtest Res. and Details.
  4. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re @UltimateOne you have 32 or 64 Bit Win10 ?
  5. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re NOLF-GOTY-not-signed-Setup.exe works now ! MD5: 597fea1673a03b64ecc25327b76e0027 583.313.081 Bytes (556MB)
  6. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re @E1 Both can Create exe Files , like the Ex. Installer Winrez works for me under Windows 8.1 , it does sometimes Crash , but very less.
  7. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re 1680x1050 right Try it with Wobaks , but i don't know if it is optimized for 16:10 also the Hud or something For 21:9 it was not optimized , and must self edit the Layout.txt With Winrez V3 Lite , you can extract the .rez Files , and Create new one The Layout.txt you can find in the Update_v1x3.rez File
  8. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    @E1 Try to make your installers with 7Zip or WinUHA , which works for everyone Better Compression than 7Zip or Winrar , but use just 1 Core Not so good Compression like WinUHA , but use Multicore @UltimateONE Use Wobaks Widescreen Patch V3 from the Download Section For which Aspect Ratio you need it ?
  9. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re Yes , NOLF-GOTY-not-signed-Setup.exe
  10. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re The Nolf 1 GOTY Non Signed exe File is Damaged , yes , or it is mayby again a Home problem , and works with Pro Versions. Or mayby the Compression Method from the Excelsior Installer !!! 2 Times try to get with Firefox 59.0.2 MD5 : 582c59a6ff790939efd76497895aa7c4 583.313.067 Bytes (556MB)
  11. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re I could fix the Texture Problem , after Reload , with DGVoodoo2 2.54 Just Copy all dll's in the Nolf 2 Main Folder Now it works all fine , with Widescreen Patch from Wobak and my Fixed Layout for 21:9. More Tweaks and Fixes will comming ! PS. But the Game alot Crashes on Level Load , and Quit the Game about the Main Menu , it Crashed less with the Loading Crash Fix from GamerX , but then it will Crash after Load the Level sometimes , also it the Loading Crash Fix too not a good Solution @UltimateONE Get Total Commander and Make your MD5 Checksum for the File And Post here the Filesize and your MD5 Result , which you find in the MD5 File after Create
  12. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re @E1 I had ever uncheck both Livesforever Mods , because i need Wobaks for 21:9 , but i saw an Youtube Vid , with the same problem , ill send the Video Later , im on Android now ! How ill said the VR Mod Fix all ^^
  13. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re For me works works the new Installer , under Windows 8.1 non Pro now Make sure you have a Correct Download ! MD5: 82c5c7af998f2f45e47b18ff0d9d6d54 Bytes @E1 Also the Game works , too with 21:9 Ratio @ 2560x1080 with Wobaks Patch 3 , and with a bit Editing the Layout.txt to correct HUD for 21:9 But i have some Graphic Glitches like Invisible Doors , and some Corrupt Textures , in the Siberia Mission : Main Records Building , but just after Reload a Save Game On the First Mission no problems Is this a know problem with the Siberia Missions , and how to fix it ? I have a GTX950 2GB , I5 2400 , and the Drivers 385.41 and Windows 8.1 , on this Test System. Video how it looks like : But i think this VR Mod , will fix all Bugs , because this Mod or VR will never run under old Windows Versions , which was Designed for the Main Game !
  14. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re @E1 whats your Checksum MD5 , and filesize ? i have my Created with Total Commander. Upload an Zip or rar File , i think the Excelsior Installer dosn,t work with Windows Home or Core Versions. I have Windows 8.1 , and Windows 10 Home OEM 1709 FCU
  15. TP5551981

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Re The Installer is Created with Excelsior Installer. @E1 That can fix the problem , when the File isn't Damaged , or it has problems with bigger Files (1,85GB)