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  1. P!NX

    a strange thing...and then

    Correct. It's down since 10.12.08
  2. P!NX

    =NS= is closing its doors

    Congratulations for keeping the name alive for so long. Sadly the spirit had to die almost 2 years ago. I rly miss the time.
  3. P!NX

    Nolf and Vista64

    hmm nice. i tried this screenwidth, screenheight thingy before to arrange the game for 1650x1080, but the result was some sort of oversized screen where health- and armorbar were below the lower edge of the screen. now those pvmodelaspect and pvmodelfov values fixed this issue... just too bad i dont play the game anymore
  4. P!NX

    Nolf and Vista64

    Are you sure you want to run it in windowed mode? Seeing the desktop in the background while playing is quite disturbing.. atleast for me. I have a widescreen monitor too but for nolf2 i simply activate the "4:3 in Wide" mode (Your monitor should have that option too). You still play in "full-screen" except that there are black bars on each side of the picture. For example: On a 22" screen, the picture is displayed in normal 19" resolution of 1280x1024 and the rest of the screen is filled up with vertical black bars. Just like with 16:9 movies on a 4:3 TV . Is it just with Nolf or do you have soundissues with other applications too? Since it's a new PC you have, you might have forgotten to install the sounddrivers or your PC tries to play the sound via the wrong device. Have you made sure that sound is turned on in the nolf options? What Soundcard do you have? Some soundcards have "issues" with Direct Sound 3D on Windows Vista such as the Creative X-Fi cards.
  5. P!NX

    Bad news!

    GTA rules, yes, but you can't play it online, or atleast the MP sucks terribly
  6. P!NX

    Bad news!

    as far as i can see in E1's post, SFI DD and DM do have different ports, Agent! Anyhow, here is mine:
  7. P!NX


    "Growing" is a matter of opinion. Regarding the total number of users that have ever registered here, it's indeed "growing", but considering the high number of inactive members it would be rather some sort of "decelerated shrinking"
  8. P!NX

    Cutscene savegames

    Why would you want to do this? Want to kill the director in those moments where Cate and Armstrong fail doing it?
  9. P!NX


    Uff for a second, when reading your name, I thought you might be my old classmate from way back in elementary school, but obviously you're not... i hated her Anyhow, welcome to here You play any of the 3 Nolf-related games? Or how did you find out about this site?
  10. P!NX

    The state of BAB

    Haha nice... but what do the figures on the x-axis and the figures on the y-axis stand in connection with bab's state's development? (j/k)
  11. P!NX

    The state of BAB

    So technically nothing has changed to BAB's state since Mid of July 2006?
  12. P!NX

    Post Your Picture

    nice pics! .. now i have to ask, what nationality you are cause you don't really look like a uber-german
  13. P!NX

    Vista x64.

    yes, same here. it worked normally with 1.0 version, but as soon as i put 1.3 on it, it stopped working. Thou, it worked after replacing the original lithtech.exe file with the "cracked" lithtech.exe file from the NoCd Crack.
  14. P!NX

    Client MFC application error

    hmm whenever i had a similar problem, i uninstalled nolf2, deleted ALL possible files and folders of nolf2, wiped out any leftovers of the registry entries for nolf2, then restarted the pc, installed the game and it worked fine. If using vista x64, your problem could also be the soundcard! I've been experiencing problems with my creative x-fi card in combination with the ALchemy program, which first caused my game to freeze completely and then after a restart didnt even start. (MFC client.. ) Vista x64 creates some sort of dummy-folders in the registry... i deleted them, deleted OpenAL, reinstalled OpenAL .. and it's working ever since, lol. No idea if this was it, what fixed the problem.
  15. P!NX

    Vista x64.

    i don't know whether it works "normal" now since SP1 ("normal", as in: launching the game with the cd's), but it worked before SP1 too, if u installed the nocd crack for nolf2 and ran the game without the cd.