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  1. Hello! Haven't been here for some time.. I decided to play NOLF2, added my overhaul mod and was disappointed that the mod is crashing my game. So I deleted it and started everything almost from 0 (Kept Desert Eagle which I downloaded long time ago). But it seems I've forgot everything and I need help if it's available. 1. I have the plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop but they don't work for me. I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS6 x64 on Windowns 7 x64 Ultimate and it seems to be incompatible with these plugins. So my question is: which photoshop I need to work with DTX files and what other tools I need beside DTXConvert? (I remeber I got TGA from DTX year ago but I've no idea how to do that now) 2. I've added my 1st weapon in the game. I can get it with cheats or add it at the start of the mission but it would be more ineteresting to add it mission level so I can grab it not to cheat for it or get it at the start of the mission. My question: How can I edit world DAT files or extract them. 3. Weapon's 1st view model is okay but I need to make a ground model if I remeber right, for that I need to extract LTC or LTA files. Question: How can I get these files from LTB model file? I was looking through NOLF2 topics and couln't find what I need. I hope someone can help with information and thank you! EDIT: Maybe someone of you can give me links to more tools or tutorials? I would like to know how to make a ground model 'cause that's the thing I have never learned. Also I have never understood how to edit existing maps with tools pack but I can replace existing stuff editing DAT levels.
  2. Squall

    DTX file extension

    Thanks! I appreciate it!
  3. Squall

    DTX file extension

    Sorry for that! I just can't get used to little activities.. Maybe you can tell me how to work with Dedit? Is it possible to edit existing world (maps)?
  4. Squall

    DTX file extension

    It seems that it's useless to wait for answer.. Such a "nice" forum...
  5. Squall

    DTX file extension

    I diceded to use that useless Adobe thing. I added new icons but they are without the frame. I can play with that. But now I've another questions: Is there some tutorial where I could learn how to attach silencers? Also is there some tool where to edit models? I looked in DEDIT but I don't understand how it works. Do I need to extract game files for it?
  6. Squall

    DTX file extension

    I have no idea how to work we developer tools. I even don't know how to edit textures with it or edit maps.
  7. Squall

    DTX file extension

    Hello! First of all sorry if someone already asked it but where can I get a tool which can open, view and edit DTX file extensions? And PLEASE don't say anything about Adobe!
  8. One more thing. Make a rez file for your mods. Game engine works faster with compressed rez files than extracted ones (Tested it extracting all rez files in correct order and then deleting them. Game loads much longer). Also it will stay in the folder after uninstalling/reinstalling game or tools.
  9. Welcome to the forums Squall :)