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  1. All the moderators hate sugs!
  2. Sugs, you're getting accused of arrogance! Seems like you stepped on some toes there! If we changed sugs with knix, changed US to Euro everyone would be like "LOLZ!!!!11!!1"
  3. You'll need the right nolf2 registry keys.
  4. Surak


    Sugs! Don't you get it? We are NS, that means that we are all aggressive teenage nerds without a life using hacks!
  5. Copy protection? Oh, that's something those nice release groups remove for me before releasing the game isn't?
  6. "What RXS posted has some very valid comparisons leading to the conclusion that Islam is, essentially, pretty damn fascist." By the looks of the article, its pretty damn biased. There's a difference in the Islam itself, some people are muslim but don't follow the Sharia (islamic law) to the letter. Just like being a christen doesn't say you follow the bible to the letter. But there are countries where the islamic law is used unchanged, like Iran. But something they ignore is that the Koran itself mentions to respect other religions: Also, in time the koran was written there didn't even exist fascism.
  7. That says something about you, not me.
  8. The holocaust did happen, and yes in almost every war women and children got killed, but in a war you're supposed to aim at the "soldiers" and not at the woman and children. Futher more, to everyone who compares the Islam to fascism, I suggest you pull your head out of your rear end and get some decent education.
  9. I'm so sorry, I know you're always right
  10. They allies did stop them didn't they? Name a couple please. Did it support England or did it not? Back to school? I haven't done anything else the past 10 years. But really, if your intelligence fails you, go ahead and try to insult me.
  11. It wasn't to late. The only problem was that the German army was better and used new, unkown and better tactics. No, the usa was sending supplies to England. Yes they have to, or they should stop calling them terrorists and saying they are a civillised country, because only terrorists would kill woman and children, no?
  12. Apparantly the American news services don't tell about the numerous imans trying to stop the protesters from burning the embassies.
  13. Yeah sure, and if we invade all their countries im sure they are going to stop. Just like invading Iraq and Afghanistan stopped all the terrorism. What? Do you want another world war? I never hear an apology from all jews world wide every time Isreal attacks a refugee camp. I hope they don't support yours.
  14. Just noticed you can't change it in nolf2, its on already. Don't really know what the problem might be besides a broken graphics card.