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  1. Hi, I did notice the resolution mistake and have changed it. Right now only way to get 1920x1080 is using your weapon mod and change it in game. And before i exit i need to change it to the original available resolution or do it in the launcher menu if i kept it at 1920x1080 the game will crash during start. Also i notice the scene where you have to torture the Danger Danger member using the electric shock it will crash using 1920x1080, i changed it to 1440 during that scene in order to continue. I think there's some incompatibility with the game & the resolution, or you guys having no problem at all playing it at 1920x1080? Non the less i managed to complete the game in FullHD with your weapon mod. So very big thankyou. Also didn't notice the extra weapons like lightsabers until i started using guns cheat code. They suck to be honest... at least the damage they deal. Wished i can deflect bullets with it. BTW i had no problem playing Impossible difficulty until where you get thrown off the space with just a laser gun, anyone beaten that in impossible mode?
  2. Thanks for the sharing just wondering which music are from NOLF2 & which ones are from Contract Jack as i like to sort my music according to the titles. Also i found another NOLF music off the net but not sure if it's a game rip or CD 1.Sneaking 2.In The Lounge 3.No On Lives Forever 4.Rescue Mission 5.Ba De Dum 6.Oom-Paa 7.The Escape 8.The Bad Guy 9.The Adventure 10.The Ambush 11.In The Train 12.Nightmare In Morocco
  3. just an update after activating your weapontest, after entering the commands you recommended, the original resolution when entering the game will always be 640x480. However the 1920x1080 option is now available in display menu ingame so i can manually switch it to full screen everytime. However subtitle disappears, and the loading menu become cut on the sides. I then deactivated the weapon fix & added -rez Custom\mods\WeaponsTest13\WideScreenFix.rez behind all the commands, in this case the 1920x1080 option will not show up so i'm guessing i did something wrong with the command? I tried this method with no mod activated & also pegasus mod both doesn't have any changes. So in this case the only way for me to get 1080p is activating weapontest & manually change the resolution everytime. Or is there a better solution to my problem? *Another question would be is there anyway to use back my old game saves, i tried copying it into my save folder but in the game i can't see them, the only saves i can see are the saves made after i installed. I tried using the save file from the internet & paste it in the save folder (with my profile name) same thing happened. I notice games like Shogo also have this problem. Also can you guys post here the default autoexec configuration here as i lost my default config?
  4. I actually tried with the default setting & enter the commands in the command line to change the resolution but it still crashes. I don't know why if i set it based on the resolution available in the menu it runs but when i force 1080p it crashes.
  5. I've manage to get NOLF & NOLF2 to work on widescreen however i'm having problem with Contract Jack. After setting up the graphics in game, i exited and edited the display & autoexec so the screenwidth is 1920 & screenheight is 1280 on both cfg. However after the change it crashes after loading the game. I'm not sure what is wrong. I'm on 1.1 Also other than the resolution are there any tweaks? I read somewhere adding some lines in the autoexec: "fovx" "106" "fovxinterface" "106" "fovyuwmax" "124" I also have the Pegasus mod.
  6. Got the custom after using the 1.004 exe on GOTY. Just wondering is there anyway to improve the widescreen or the best is have it stretched. I use the widescreen patch from here.
  7. I read a few txt on attachment that shows that you can access custom via advance menu and select the REZ you want to load. However i don't know does it only apply to v1.004 launcher as i'm using the GOTY version even after patching 1.004 the title screen shows v1.003. So I'm wondering should i get the v1.004 NoCD exe here? If i really can't get the advance menu like NOLF2 custom do i copy the REZ files into the root folder and manually add the command line to load them? Also a question is NOLF1 multiplayer still active or only NOLF2 are active as i don't read any info on mp for the 1st game. And a question regarding Rest & Relaxation, is it only accessible after viewing the credits or you can load it from mission select? I don't see that mission select on mine.
  8. is it possible to post the fix on somewhere else as i can't download...
  9. Welcome to the forums papaya :)