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  1. I never managed to finish NOLF 2 mainly because I couldn't relate to any of the characters like I could in NOLF 1, which I still play from time to time because it makes me laugh. So tongue in cheek.
  2. My V Sync fix didn't last long, so I'll give that a try @Eliteone It's odd because a fix will work on first play and then the second time, say later in the day, the game won't start at all.
  3. I know this is an old topic, but I managed to get the game to run by forcing vertical sync ON. So many hours spent with hit and miss. Anyway, I didn't set any compatibility either and it's the GOTY edition running perfectly at 1920 x 1080. Try going to either Radeon settings or Nvidia control panel to set V Sync On for this game only. Hope it helps.
  4. Now that I've started Nolf 1 again, ye olde game bug got a hold of me, especially since a lot of them are such a challenge to get going on new systems. One of my favourites is Project IGI, an FPS where you play as a special forces bloke, breaking into military compounds and such like using stealth more than anything else. I've been playing it off and on since I bought the CDs back in 2000 and when installed on Windows 10 x64 with compatibility for XP and Admin rights, it plays just fine. Some may have a very low FPS problem which can be fixed using this solution from Xaris. It's a challenging game, especially since there are no checkpoints or even manual saves, so once you're dead you need to start the mission from scratch. But that's possibly the attraction and makes you concentrate that much harder, so that when a mission is complete it feels that much more satisfying. 14 missions and I still haven't finished the last one as it's so tricky, but I'm sure to keep on trying.
  5. It was truly awful and i couldn't even finish it.
  6. Does anyone know if older save games are compatible with the GOTY edition? Many thanks
  7. It's the humour that's made Nolf 1 one of my all time favourites and regardless of the older graphics, it's still great to dip into it again from time to time.
  8. It all looks great and I know how much time goes into building a forum and website. Just one thing, the profile with post count isn't displaying properly and cuts the post count in half.
  9. ElGringo

    Nolf 1 revival

    As pointed out by Rock Paper Shotgun, since the game is in legal limbo some fans have packed it up with all the latest updates including the widescreen fix and you can now download it since no one will sell it. Here's the RPS article.
  10. Windows gadgets was preventing the game loading in my case.
  11. Anyone know how to get CD2 tp play the music please? I tried VLC with no luck.
  12. Tried NOLF on my other PC which is practically the same except it has an AMD Radeon GPU and the game runs perfectly, so it could be an Nvidia issue. I also noticed that on my AMD GPU setup the no CD patch works fine but not on the other machine. However, a different no CD BAT file does now work, finally. This is following a full reinstall from my original CDs. I was concerned that it may have been a safe-disc issue at first, but I'm not sure. This article makes for interesting reading. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/08/17/windows-10-safedisc-securom-drm/
  13. Prior to this update I had the game running perfectly having used the 64 bit installer for my original CDs. Being someone who also likes to experiment, I also had it running off a pen drive having copied my installation over, but all I get now are MFC Client errors and gamer resources errors. Has anyone else come across this problem with Win10? In the meantime, I'm going to try yet again. I also dual boot to Windows 7 and run XP in VMware, so I'll report back with my findings.
  14. When I approach Yamata San and Santa the bird at the very beginning, I'm prompted to talk which I assume means using the action key (enter or whatever I remapped it to, which is E) but nothing happens. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  15. ElGringo

    NOLF version?

    I reinstalled NOLF 1 using the x64 installer and my own original CDs, patched it to version 1.4 yet the game still show it being V1.0 which is a bit odd. I heard that old saves aren't compatible with v1.4.