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  1. Windows 10 Creators Update has broken my NOLF1

    Windows gadgets was preventing the game loading in my case.
  2. Anyone know how to get CD2 tp play the music please? I tried VLC with no luck.
  3. Windows 10 Creators Update has broken my NOLF1

    Tried NOLF on my other PC which is practically the same except it has an AMD Radeon GPU and the game runs perfectly, so it could be an Nvidia issue. I also noticed that on my AMD GPU setup the no CD patch works fine but not on the other machine. However, a different no CD BAT file does now work, finally. This is following a full reinstall from my original CDs. I was concerned that it may have been a safe-disc issue at first, but I'm not sure. This article makes for interesting reading. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/08/17/windows-10-safedisc-securom-drm/
  4. Prior to this update I had the game running perfectly having used the 64 bit installer for my original CDs. Being someone who also likes to experiment, I also had it running off a pen drive having copied my installation over, but all I get now are MFC Client errors and gamer resources errors. Has anyone else come across this problem with Win10? In the meantime, I'm going to try yet again. I also dual boot to Windows 7 and run XP in VMware, so I'll report back with my findings.
  5. When I approach Yamata San and Santa the bird at the very beginning, I'm prompted to talk which I assume means using the action key (enter or whatever I remapped it to, which is E) but nothing happens. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  6. NOLF version?

    I reinstalled NOLF 1 using the x64 installer and my own original CDs, patched it to version 1.4 yet the game still show it being V1.0 which is a bit odd. I heard that old saves aren't compatible with v1.4.
  7. NOLF 1 on Unreal Engine!

    Very impressive! What's to stop you creating a few levels for free distribution? There's bloke doing just that for Tomb Raider II using Unreal Engine 4 for which he's been given permission by Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics. He's calling it The Dagger of Xian, so perhaps there's a way.
  8. Someone is at least trying to get us NOLF

    That's a bummer! Here's what I wrote at DCT last July, which unfortunately now needs updating of course. http://www.davescomputertips.com/retro-game-release-no-one-lives-forever/
  9. Which part of the series is your favourite?

    For me it's NOLF 1 without question. The humour is spot on, totally original and somehow you knew that script couldn't be bettered. I also prefer the gameplay as there are some really tedious levels in NOLF 2, particularly in India which had me tearing my hair out at times, especially those irritating policemen trying to arrest Cate.
  10. I'll keep my eyes open for that. In the meantime, yesterday I ran the game on Win 8 x64 from a USB 3 pendrive and it played just great!
  11. Lots of people have put effort into various installers and the only method that works for me so far on Win 7 x64 is copying the cd contents to a directory on the hard drive and running it directly from there, without any compatibility mode. I used the 64 bit patch installer (1-3 combined) and then the official patch 4 and it's odd that the game intro screen shows V1.0 as per the screenshot. Also, I tried the no cd patch as, even though I own the original game, it's a lot easier not having to grab the cd every time, but the no cd patch always comes up with 'no game resources found' error, so I have to play with the cd in all the time. One other method would be to iso the cd, mount it, install from mount. For the resolution I changed the screenwidth and height in the autoexec.cfg to 1920 and 1080 which works fine. I'm still puzzled about the game version though and will install on another pc just to test it out again.
  12. NOLF 1 at E3 1999... Adam Church?

    Fascinating stuff. Turned out for the best in the end with Cate as the lead character.
  13. Consoles vs. PC

    It seems to be going the other way now. I know this OP is a little old, but it's interesting to see how many games are developed for consoles now and ported to PC later. Used to be the other way round Gran Torino was console only as I recall. Would love to see that on a PC.
  14. Other games you're playing

    I play anything Half Life related and am looking forward to Black Mesa Source. And Crysis, MWarfare...............most FPS' really. Very rarely play multiplayer as I always get fragged IE I'm not very good at it lol
  15. Nolf cheats

    Hit 'T', then enter cheat code?