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  1. I've built a better machine to handle games from the the early mid late 2000s Haha . Hoping to get into vr in the future. Anyone playing in vr or tried this mod. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject.
  2. I've been enjoying the nolf series since they were released. I had so little understanding of the first game and how to make it work properly on a rather weak machine in the early years. As I recall it crashed constantly. But I really was captured by the humor and gadgets. I rediscovered the games here around about the time my daughter was born (sleepless nights) and I 'd like to mention Grand Prix Legends (Sim Racing Mirror Zone) provided some fun as well. She is seven and I've become a PC game and sim racing enthusiast. I've experimented with face tracking for shooter games and used Wii remotes for PC games like nolf2. Recently I've built a motion simulator seat for my racing rig which can interface with a joystick to extract motion from any game (my daughter is playing with a xbox Controller to move the seat in a fun game called mini ninjas). Anyways in my quest for immersion and fun I noticed this and saw no mention of it searching the forum. Anyway, I have a long winded thank you to the site moderators and will be making a contribution.