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  1. Sumar

    anticheat mod

  2. Sumar

    anticheat mod

    Sorry but I dont see any ExpFix-v1-2 servers. Screenshot
  3. Sumar

    anticheat mod

    I think I found bug in ExpFix-v1-2, but there is no servers running this mod. Can someone make such server for a while? Coop if you can, because there is a lot enemies.
  4. Sumar

    server gametype

    Coop server would be cool.
  5. Sumar

    enabling mod by editing files

    but I want to enable mod on dedicated server.
  6. Sumar

    enabling mod by editing files

    This is what I need. Can you give me some examples?
  7. Sumar

    enabling mod by editing files

    I think its not a command line because when I'm add mod via Custom button I dont see it in launchcmds.txt. I mean mod in Custom/Mods, not just normal rez file. Yes - I need this when custom button doesnt show up.
  8. How can I enable mod by editing files?
  9. Sumar

    Cooperative dedicated

    Its really better now, thanks a lot.
  10. Have you tried to set up dedicated cooperative server on the same PC what will you be playing? For me it will be possible to start but it won't be possible to play - is cutting himself, like on some very old PC, but its 1800MHz and 512RAM! (I've tried this at 3GHz and 1024RAM - same errors). Please help.
  11. Sumar

    faster ping Euro server. It is at last server from normal ping! I thank very, I will use with pleasure.
  12. Sumar

    nolf2/cj server files

    This is Penitum II 266MHz & 128MB RAM with some very old S3 2MB video card. I've setting up options only in configuration files, and whole server works very well. So if I can't remove any files I have to buy new hard disk. Thanks.
  13. I want to make the nolf2 server but I am taking place little. Which files can I quietly remove so that the server acts? For example sound.rez isn't needed, what is it still possible to remove?
  14. Server is up ok, but alone I can't test anything. When we can meet to test it with few players?
  15. Sumar

    ISP, IP address