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  1. Okay *cracks knuckles* Here's some not rules but more flaccid (lol flaccid, I know I'm kid) guidelines: - You can edit your posts as many times as you like (to change your comment on what other people have learned or if you've learned something better) - Your post must include something that you learned today. Which means something that you didn't know yesterday. So things that you already knew but had forgotten about don't count. - Each day starts at 12 midnight (your local time), after that you can start learning again. - Post something every day if you can (not matter how trivial), otherwise the theory is more or less debunked already. Okay I guess that Will do for now as ''guidelines''. Why you looking at me like that ....OH...right what did I learn today? Well, I learn that you CAN drive to the north pole!
  2. I'll Let The Trailer Do The Talking
  3. Nothing I can say really... Read to page 3.. a little bit down page 3 a dude posts some links.. that's the cruncher! Read the 3 pages though.. or it doesn't mean much.. EDIT: LINK FIXED
  4. The other day I realized it’s rather tiring to say thx or np all the time, after being revive or the one doing the reviving. Do you it’s a must? Don't get me wrong I'm one of the most polite guys you'll find, but every time? What do you think?