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  1. Okay *cracks knuckles* Here's some not rules but more flaccid (lol flaccid, I know I'm kid) guidelines: - You can edit your posts as many times as you like (to change your comment on what other people have learned or if you've learned something better) - Your post must include something that you learned today. Which means something that you didn't know yesterday. So things that you already knew but had forgotten about don't count. - Each day starts at 12 midnight (your local time), after that you can start learning again. - Post something every day if you can (not matter how trivial), otherwise the theory is more or less debunked already. Okay I guess that Will do for now as ''guidelines''. Why you looking at me like that ....OH...right what did I learn today? Well, I learn that you CAN drive to the north pole!
  2. Double_Oh_Seven

    Do You Want A Banana From The Banana Man?

    You'll catch yourself singing this song...I'm certain.
  3. Double_Oh_Seven

    *Poke's Untity Forum With Stick*

    Hello!, Just seeing who's alive in this forum and what's everyone up to?
  4. Double_Oh_Seven

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Money can't buy love.
  5. Double_Oh_Seven

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Well your not reading right, It was a joke. I forgot TO GET A GIRLFRIEND FOR Valentines Day.
  6. Double_Oh_Seven

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Ah crap, forgot to get a girlfriend for Valentine's day, maybe its not to late.
  7. Double_Oh_Seven

    What Do Women Want?

    Yes you freak! If I may ask, do you regret getting it?
  8. Double_Oh_Seven

    What Do Women Want?

    Are tattos sexy? What kind of tattos are a turn off? I personaly don't like tattos on woman, if I had a gf and I found out later on that she had a tatto..that wouldn't matter to me much, but you know I try to avoid ones that do....but then again if I really like her I'd just ignore it.
  9. Double_Oh_Seven

    What Do Women Want?

    I've created a monster.
  10. Double_Oh_Seven

    What Do Women Want?

    I can see why it's " the proper" it just seem easier and look right when it's going over the top. When it's not over the top you seem to have to reach behind the toilet roll to grab a piece. Yeah mines the "right way". Wrong Way ~~~~~~~ Right Way ~~~~~~~
  11. Double_Oh_Seven

    What Do Women Want?

    Does it matter if toilet seat is up or down? And Why?
  12. Double_Oh_Seven

    The "What annoys/ed you" Thread

    I hate it when you stare at something on the coffee table (because someone is utterly boring and you just simply zone out) and you try to pick up an object with your mind....and it doesn't work
  13. Double_Oh_Seven

    The "What annoys/ed you" Thread

    When you cook something and stinks the house or burning a toast and it not only stinks the house up but sets off the alarm.
  14. Double_Oh_Seven

    What Do Women Want?

    Is hair sexy? Do men like hair on women's legs, arms, face even? What about the women, do you women find it ugly if a guy has hair on his chest, arms, legs? How much is too much? I personally don't like a "hairy" women.
  15. Double_Oh_Seven

    The "What annoys/ed you" Thread

    When you write a really thoughtful text message and in reply you get "thx" or "k"