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  1. UHQBot

    marketplace items bugs

    I can seem to buy the halloween spiked fences on the Marketplace. I first thought it was probably due to the event closed but i can buy all other items. anyone else have this? View the full article
  2. UHQBot

    The Bar is Open

    Have a Drink Attachment 21064 Attached Images ScreenShot0008.jpg‎ (815.5 KB) View the full article
  3. UHQBot

    Still missing GIFT Packs

    Server Evolution Celebration Giftpack < i am still missing this one.. Some1 knows if i need to make an ticket or something for this pack to receive? View the full article
  4. almost everywhere are built by multi-accounts or twinks houses so that no one has more space to build, especially as a novice in the game you want to build a house and it is impossible by such people it would be better that per account only 1 to 2 houses but can build dan next to each other only so the other also have their place to build houses thank you:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: View the full article
  5. This December 20th, I will be hosting a Yuletide giveaway party in game! --------------------------------------- The giveaway will take place on my Twitch Stream which can be found here: Pastel Jackal's Twitch. --------------------------------------- I will be holding an in game gathering at my mansion (I will be starting a raid and porting everyone to it) on the NA server Aria, While the giveaway takes place. The halls will be fully decked for this Yuletide! --------------------------------------- Prizes include : Yuletide Costumes Yuletide Decor PvP Pots Apex's Gold --------------------------------------- I will also,after the initial giveaway on my Twitch, be hosting Christmas themed 'games' (In game) of my creation with prizes to the top 3 winners! So for this portion, you must be in game and participating to qualify for the prizes! --------------------------------------- Thank you all for the many great Yuletides here on Archeage! XOXO, Ponrisu. View the full article
  6. UHQBot

    Missing Credits

    so uh.. its been a couple weeks since this happened and still no response from multiple tickets. My patron is about to run out and I dont wanna throw good credits after bad if the game is gonna keep stealing them. Where is support??? View the full article
  7. I was trading from Haranya to Nuia using the public transport ship with captains protection on the Aria server when just before the ship entered the port at Ezna a pirate galleon was blocking the path. Anyone not sitting on the ship was knocked off and lost their cargo packs. Would it be possible to get the spent gold back or a way to prevent this exploit from happening? I'll attach pictures of the offending players. Attached Images Screenshot (29).jpg‎ (178.6 KB) Screenshot (28).jpg‎ (186.0 KB) View the full article
  8. I filed a ticket over a week ago and then filed another one a couple days ago for an account issue that I'm having that is preventing me from logging in. I still haven't received a reply back or any thing. Could a GM, CM or anyone from support center please pm me. View the full article
  9. UHQBot

    Returning to Play

    This was the first MMO I ever really got into and I loved the world and the lore, just running around the map on my mounts was enough fun half the time, guild activities the rest of the time. I'd like to pop back in to play again, but I have one significant problem My inventory is totally full and I don't know what Items I should keep and what I should toss, given the nature of crafting, especially high level items, or the various event coins that do or do not get reused, I really don't know what to do, I even had several alt 'mule' accounts to try and spread things out a little. Obviously, in theory, I could just buy a bunch of inventory expansion scrolls, but I doubt I'm going to have the amount of gold necessary for such a thing, given inflation. I might log in and post screencaps of the items if anyone is interested in indentifying what's trash, sellable, or worth keeping. View the full article
  10. UHQBot


    I vowed never to play another TR**N game again and I kept my word for over 3 years. Now, however, I can come back! Forager/Farmer Girl is going to be back in action. View the full article
  11. We got the portal trick back guys! Have a look at how we can float everything again! XL Games cannot keep decorators down! :p https://youtu.be/-0KYc5RPDdw View the full article
  12. I want to change my nodachi for 1h erenor (preferably shortspear) same grade, legendary or divine. (Isaii ingame char. name) Attachment 21060 Attached Images Sin título11.png‎ (117.4 KB) View the full article
  13. UHQBot

    When Growth Server ?

    From the informations I read korea got the "Growth" Server with 5.0. When we are gonna get it ? View the full article
  14. UHQBot

    Why is this game p2w?

    This game has huge potential and many will agree. I understand the company wants money, but why to kill the game with p2w and when it is possible to fix the game and have huge community where cash shop will be fashion/skins/maybe some exp boosts - which will bring much more income when done well. Exactly like League of Legend that owned by Riot. Their game is 100% non p2w, but what get them billions is the fact they keep their large community with skins cash shop. I say it only because I believe Archeage is awesome game with huge potentials that with the right tools can get to the top. Sorry for my English ,not my native. View the full article
  15. Until now, it has been OK to leave your characters AFK in a spot and let the pets kill the mobs. (for example in the Library) in order to get XP or credit kill for quests. But with the new Auto-loot pet, now you will get also the loot. Will this practice still be OK? View the full article