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  1. Devil in game. whisper/mail me or pm here. View the full article
  2. UHQBot

    Aranzeb WTB Chest Hermit Image

    I'm looking for leviathan set picture View the full article
  3. Attachment 20835 LoCo New guild, just started it the other day, I'm looking for more players to join in for some daily/weekly group events... quest completion, dungeon runs, and what ever other content we can add to an ever growing list. Main times for me will be after reset raid with breaks for MM and other premade content that we find to be needed. Probably gonna start with dungeon and daily contract stuff until we get a nice rotation going but looking to possibly do some zone raiding (both pve and pvp) small steps at first and will adjust based on participation (which will not be limited to guild members only) ... the more the merrier. F2P are more than welcome to join. Guild rank will be based on your participation, with those requesting officer status to be running content and aiding members. Those with an every man for himself gamer mindset need not apply. Attached Images JPEG_20180817_194311.jpg‎ (44.5 KB) View the full article
  4. UHQBot

    The Bob�ble Buddies are Back

    Random, PN Main owned, Green Alts spread all over the map, to down your sails, lower your anchor, steal your ship, and watch your portals. Lowest, of, low tactics; Perpetuated by the PNs inability to fight for themselves, head on. Only way to win, or, so they think, is to cheat. Screened and Reported, but, hey, who are we kidding.... The Gods know youre cheating, You know youre cheating, and we know youre cheating. GG View the full article
  5. UHQBot

    Hoe does Hiram gear look?

    Good day dear AA players, As the title suggests, can anyone post pictures or link me a site and show me how hiram gear looks like? Also, does hiram gear have different looks with different tiers? Lastly, does hiram exist out of 3 main clothing types (Cloth, Leather, Plate)? Or is this bound to your class type? View the full article
  6. Used Resplendent Temper on all parts Needs a couple more gems for full link Epic Buff, almost to Legendary Buff If you have a mage set for trade let me know :D If you have any questions just send a msg thx http://prntscr.com/kki685 View the full article
  7. UHQBot

    Gesuch: Holz 4000x

    huhu liebe Tempest-Gemeinschaft. ich suche 4000x Holz zum unheimlich günstigen Preis (das Auktionshaus verlangt doch glatt 12-15Silber je Holz) oder als Spende, damit ich mein Baumhaus fertig bauen kann. Das ganze stellt sich mittlerweile zeitaufwendiger dar, als ich es eingeplant habe und erhoffe mir hier etwas Hilfe unserer kleinen Servergemeinschaft. aktueller Stand: 10/10 Steinpakete 2/40 Holzpakete Liebe Grüße Zarcata View the full article
  8. UHQBot

    "Try Out Your New Ryde"

    i can't finish this quest..., abandon it and re take it wont work what can i do? View the full article
  9. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. UHQBot

    Welcome darooooo

    Hello darooooo, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. darooooo joined on the 08/19/2018. View Member
  11. After Server Crash, some weird things happen. What is known for now: Arena Progress (affect all arenas I think) is lost for some days (unknown exact number of days). Player that already went to jail for x-time, have to sit in again *lol* A guild mate has to sit in another 1.000 minutes (he already did that yesterdy) ;) Not sure if that's all, if you recognize more, just post it. View the full article
  12. Hi, Jeder kennt es: LEGO Viele Menschen mögen es und spielen selbst als Erwachsene noch damit, mich natürlich eingeschlossen. Nun würde ich selbst brennend gerne mal diverse Spielinhalte als Legomodell haben, (ein Handelsschiff oder ein Hafen/Werft) allerdings fehlen da diverse Legobausteine, die es so gesehen leider nicht gibt, von daher mal der Vorschlag hier an die entsprechende Abteilung: da mal eine Anfrage zur Zusammenarbeit an Lego zu senden. Ich selbst denke, dass vor allem die Schiffsmodelle reges Interesse bei den Sammlern finden, allein die alten Schiffsmodell der Piraten von Lego weisen aktuell immer noch einen extrem hohen Marktwert auf, sodass man Lego wie eine Geldanlage ansehen kann. Im Umkehrschluss kann man so auch neue Kunden gewinnen, denn was ist mit am schönsten, wenn man die Legomodelle daheim rumstehen hat? Genau! Selbst dieses mit seinem Charakter benutzen zu können. View the full article
  13. Looking to sell or trade my mythic nodachi (with or without gems) for an epic erenor melee weapon (2h or 1h). I would consider divine if its close to epic. Bel#5294 on discord if you would like to discuss a possible deal. View the full article
  14. From a completely full server to nearly dead. I was thinking about coming back, but not to that. The population is so salty it is no wonder nobody wants to come back especially people like me that played for a long time and quit. Need land come to Kraken, everywhere I went there was plenty of land available. Amazing how a good game can be so easily ruined by greed and bad management. I am sure they can fix everything with another Fresh start though. View the full article
  15. As title says I have stam/str and crit chance as mods. Can leave me a mail or pm me on Conviction West char name Warden. View the full article