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  1. Aranzeb WTS Mythic T6 Nodachi

    Hello, WTS Mythic T6 Nodachi Want to sell mythic t6 Nodachi, your materials to t7 and give me a good offer. You can reply here of mail me in game! View the full article
  2. as title says, both desert (u can change it anyway), no gems pm Vanad or write a mail ingame or leave a comment below View the full article
  3. Game Opening poems

    hellow community quick question: is there anyone who has by coincidence made a screenshot of every opening poems of the game? or does any of you know where i could find them all? thx for the help in advance ;) View the full article
  4. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Bow x2

    Looking to buy 2 epic ayanad bows. View the full article
  5. Since the dwarves are petite enough to be fairy-like, and the warborn are basically demons anyway. XL Games really need to do a rethink for the next 2 race releases. I propose the awesome mermaid race for the East And the West gets the octopians. Their normal form is the aquatic versions, but they can transmorgrify into a land based humanoid (also known as, having two legs). Perhaps, there would much more emphasis into developing naval and underwater content View the full article
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by StraponBunny is the newest pts update going live in today's maintenance or is it in next weeks? or when can we expect it? It's the same version number as far as I can tell so it should be there. I do already see people getting way above the normal when farming.If one spot isn't working for you I would try another. The crates drop in ds, aegis, ws, library, etc.. Quote: Originally Posted by DanTheGreat So are you going to tell us the new % on the drop rate or not? I won't be stating numbers personally since I dont know them exactly. Jump to post... View the full article
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by BigDataDude Quote: Originally Posted by Darkshinera just after the update i open creat and i got Moonpoint so i think we don't go it since in the last test ppl do we don't get anymore sun/moonpoint in creat They didnt go away they were just made very rare Jump to post... View the full article
  8. Enthusiastic Adventurer gifts?

    Hi, does anyone know if new characters no longer get enthusiastic adventurer gifts when they reach a certain level? or how do you get them? View the full article
  9. WTS these ribbons, can only be used in haranya, pirate or player nation on Tempest. View the full article
  10. taking offers, currently on conviction low offers will be ignored. thanks :D View the full article
  11. Kraken WTB>Epic Ayanad Plate

    Looking for Ayanad Epic Plate. Message me ty View the full article
  12. Error #2013 & #2022

    Today was using Pingzapper, and in a moment .. pingzapper had an terrible error. I tried to re-enter with pingzapper, which I could not start (error). I close pingzapper to re-enter... right click in glyph and.... ERROR #2013, okay.. i tried 1, 2, 3, 50... and impossible, this error persist. okay, uninstalled glyph and archeage.. open glyph and, error 2013. okay, uninstalled glyph and archeage, check the port, dns.. all okay... open glyph and error 2013. Really need help... this is already arrggghhh... View the full article
  13. Truly new

    Greetings, while I am not new to gaming I am totally new to this particular game. I am totally unsure of what to do beyond following the quests I find. I have a below level 15 character on the server Kyrios and another character, above 15 at this writing on the server Conviction. I realize how "late to the game" I am but I am wondering if there is a North American Server that is more noob friendly than the others? I do not see any quild showing on the recruiting/adverstising? list thing in game that mentions being noob friendly so that option is out at this point? I am not a "hardcore" gamer, more for entertainment value in the evernings (eastern time zone). I do have patron at this time, that seemed like a smart thing to do. I did take a look at the "guild" section of this forum but could not see anything jumping out as a guild on this Conviction server, much less a newbie-friendly guild. View the full article
  14. pm with prices on vengance View the full article
  15. Demonologist Build

    I need a good Demonologist build for this current update. I seriously have no idea what I'm doing. lvl 50 Thanks! View the full article