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  1. evandrogt

    NOLF2, Windows 7 x64

    I have two Nolf and use windows 7 64bit I finished playing the part of the Siberian After that the game will not start I uninstalled and installed the game again not bad start when I click play writing error appears mgr interface T & L. The first time I installed Nolf 2 did not show error the game started normally. Help me !!
  2. evandrogt

    Nolf Forever !!

    I really want to play the continuity of wolf.O game it just stays in black screen after that screen to choose the graphics low, normal and High.Help me please! will be grateful for the help.
  3. evandrogt

    Nolf Forever !!

    I'm having trouble playing Nolf 2.Mouth past installed the game and played normally, but after a week playing is that problems.O came the game did not run, when I uninstalled and re-install gave error T & L.Before normal, now I can not player.Please help me.
  4. evandrogt

    Nolf Forever !!

    Hello there,I love player Nolf 1 and 2 !!
  5. evandrogt

    Welcome To UnityHQ Community Forum : evandrogt

    Hello, I'm having trouble installing Nolf 2. I had installed the game normally and played up to the ice. I uninstalled the game temporarily. So when I decided to install new play, when I click to play'' appears ''error in CInterfaceMgr Init : Could not initialize Interface Res Mgr ! Since the game before entering perfectly. Please help me, I'm really wanting to play Nolf 2.
  6. Welcome to the forums evandrogt :)