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  1. Sorry for late reply,i have the official english version (1.03)
  2. C:/ Programm Files (x86)/Fox/No One Lives Forever 2
  3. When i launch the installer it says that i don't have NOLF 2 installed but i have it installed with the new version can you help me again?
  4. Hi,when i connect to the coop server i get some problems:The screen is black and i have to press esc 4-5 times to get the screen back to normal,i cant move and i cant see my guns.
  5. It's really bad that a lot of people die this year! Today my aunt's father passed away and i still can't believe it!
  6. I will be online most time so feel free to send me messages and talk

    1. evandrogt


      I'm having trouble playing Nolf 2.Mouth past installed the game and played normally, but after a week playing is that problems.O came the game did not run, when I uninstalled and re-install gave error T & L.Before normal, now I can not player.Please help me.


    2. AGreekUnityMember


      Sorry,i can't help you but post it on the forums somebody can help you there

  7. Welcome to the forums AGreekUnityMember :)