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  1. andromeda

    NOLF Soundtrack

    not sure, I downloaded it off internet then it got erased by mistake.
  2. andromeda

    NOLF Soundtrack

    anyone got "Play It Cool (Techno_End Title)", it's a remix of Play It Cool, fantastic
  3. andromeda

    NOLF Soundtrack

    Thanks man, have been waiting for this
  4. andromeda

    NOLF Soundtrack

    Thank you! I've been trying to find nolf's soundtrack anywhere on internet, never expected to find it here. Is that song about Cate named Play it Cool? I download the soundtrack a week ago off BT, but it's not complete (the seeder went away and never returned) but I do have the right list here 01 It Takes a Thief 02 No One Lives Forever (Main Title) 03 Museum Pursuit 04 Swinging London 05 Play It Cool (Cate's Theme) 06 I'll Show You Mine, If... 07 Carnaby Bossa Nova 09 Fly the Friendly Skies 10 A Fez to Remember 11 Life's a Beach, Then You Fry 12 Comrade Cate 13 Snowmobile Chase 14 Say Goodbye, Volkov 15 Knickers in a Twist 16 Play It Cool (Techno_End Title) I'm downloading soon enough I'll be able to match them
  5. Thank you, Seemann! Also thank you, eliteone ! Now I can fire using mouse! Never excited of fixing such a problem but now I can enjoy a gamespot 9.3 shooter, yeah!
  6. yea, I use optical wheel mouse but I don't think mouse is the problem in this case. See I can actually assign LMB to fire but it automaticly turns it back to F. maybe it's just a bug, I'm dowloading driect X, if it's still not working I'll install it on my laptop.
  7. Soeey, my English is poor. My mouse use USB port, is that what you mean. so you mean inappropriate mouse could also cause this problem? I'll change my mouse and see
  8. weird, it's still not working, I changed autoexec, defaults, defctrls, it's like they have nothing to do with the game. I just don't get it why the mouse wheel is working while the buttons are not
  9. I have the same problem, eliteone. Except I can change keyboard configuration but can't assign my mouse buttons to anything. I 'd be very grateful if you could help ! Simply help me assign my mouse0(RMB) to fire and mouse1(LMB) to use objects, that'd be great! Thank you again.