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  1. Most people just leave when they find out that fall damage is on. I'm not saying this because I want those settings. Server is just not played and with those settings it's no use hosting it at all. Save your money and close it. I wanted just to let you know. |Transmittion out|
  2. For all the time i've been playing, i saw this server played only a couple of times. It's confusing to say, but the settings you set are not much better. Might i suggest you, just in case you need, the following settings: Fall damage - off (0.00) Location based damage - on Armor health bonus - 50 or 100 Run speed - 1.50 Respawn scale - 1.50 Weapons stay - on Default weapon - Korrektor Otherwise ther's not much use of the server. There may be variations of course, but key settings are fall damage, run speed and default weapon.
  3. I didn't mean to err... grumble anyhow. Just letting you know...