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  1. Thank you! I ask them and hopefully they can help with the problem.
  2. I made some fun stuffs for NOLF and NOLF2 a very long time ago. Skins and some weapon and skills stuffs mostly. The one what I need some help with is my "Holster and Fists" mod. The main point is when your weapons are holstered you can hit with your fist in NOLF2 like you could do in NOLF GOTY before. It can be used for example hitting enemies from behind from a hiding place (if you discovered hitting is not working anymore somehow). I picked the fists feature from the Contract J.A.C.K. I also modified some other features - I added a readme file, sorry for my back than weaker English knowledge - but I have a "big bug" with the file. I cannot update the game over 1.1 patch. The main problem that non lethal weapons (taser, sleeping/laughing gas grenades, etc) are totally ineffective and the body armor as well. Armor remains intact and health starts to reduce for any damage (hit by police baton or FMJ bullet or poison all the same effect). I didn't played with the game for long-long years so I almost forget about it, sorry. If anyone could help me with that I would be graceful. And certainly I would share it if it is possible, I could provide a Google Drive share link. I also have renamed weapons for "original name" mod (Gordon SMG -> Sterling SMG, etc), as well "redhead Cate" skin mod if someone tells me if I can and how to share with the community. :)