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  1. Just got the email. I'm not able to donate money. I have access to a really beefy server from my employer (and permission to use it for whatever I want), though.. If you shouldn't be able to reach your goal, I can help you out with hosting.
  2. I am forced to take the server down indefinitely. I really tried to get it going It even runs straight for weeks now. BUT: This thing is so poorly written, it seems to trigger a lot of memory leaks. I've let it run for the last few weeks and I always end up with my 16GB of RAM getting filled and the machine becoming really sluggish because of that. It's really not an option for me to reboot the whole server every few weeks just because of NOLF2. Sorry guys, the server application is sh*t.
  3. I've updated my script today. I noticed that my server was offline and nothing was kicking in. What happened? Well, Nolf2Srv.exe lost the connection - so far, so good. It also got killed because the damn sucker didn't behave. But: Somehow it broke so badly, that the virtual display (running via Xvfb) did not close. Since Xvfb was already running, it couldn't be spawned again and the .exe couldn't start. I've added another check that terminates the virtual display, too. My complete script is now this: #!/bin/bash # if online is NULL, it's down. May change maps, so wait and check again: if [ -z "$(curl -sSf | grep "ONLINE")"]; then echo "'frack' is offline" sleep 90 fi if [ -z "$(curl -sSf | grep "ONLINE")"]; then echo "'frack' is still offline" echo "Killing process" pkill NOLF2Srv.exe echo "Making sure the X window is usable" pkill -f "Xvfb :110" sleep 2 echo "Starting server" env WINEPREFIX="/home/gameserver/.wine-nolf2" && cd nolf2 && nohup xvfb-run -n 110 wine NOLF2Srv.exe -mod LivesForever > /dev/null 2>&1 & else echo "NOLF2 is running, leave." fi
  4. No, I don't store any server logs. I believe the NOLF servers create their own log files and I discovered one day that they had grown to several gigabytes. I symlinked them to /dev/null. I don't really need them - who would need thousands of lines of kill and join messages? The lockfile is a bad idea. Since the server sometimes loses the connection but the interface is still accessible, the lockfile would never get deleted. I prefer to use it as it is now, because it just works. And that is all I wanted.
  5. Thanks! ) I'm not mad, I'm always willing to improve my setup. Mmmh no particular reason. I like bash, it's the default shell in my home system and it's highly customizable via .bashrc so I just put it at the top, because I like it. If the script works with sh, others can feel free to use that. Cool. I did not know that! Wrote that stuff a while back and it worked, so I didn't put any more thought into it. I don't want to write init scripts for my host system. When I decide to switch from Debian to another distribution, I would have to change the init scripts. Also, systemd is total junk - software from Lennart Poettering tends to break everything, so I will stay away from it whenever I can. cron is simple enough to do the job and I use it for various other tasks, so it suits my setup. Thanks for your input
  6. Just a quick addition: I refined the script that checks if the server is running. It also runs a second check on my web frontend here to see if the server is really online. Doing the sidecheck will restart the server if the .exe is still running, but it has lost access to the internet, because it somehow broke. This will also cover things like "Damn, it runs but takes up my CPU". #!/bin/bash # if online is NULL, it's down. May change maps, so wait and check again: if [ -z "$(curl -sSf | grep "ONLINE")" ] then sleep 60 elif [ -z "$(curl -sSf | grep "ONLINE")" ] then pkill NOLF2Srv.exe fi # check daemon ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep NolfServ.exe # if not found - equals to 1, start it if [ $? -eq 1 ] then cd nolf && nohup xvfb-run -a wine NolfServ.exe -nowiz -NetUsePassword "false" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null & else echo "found, leave." fi.
  7. I built a script to check if the server is really online and restarts it afterwards. The server should be online 24/7 now - let's see if it really is )
  8. Yes, you are right. The QTracker tutorial was missing two lines. I added this to my hosts file and the server shows up now: However, the server still frequently loses the connection, without throwing out any error messages. I don't know how to solve this, but maybe I can set up a solution to reboot it automatically.
  9. The one from here: (Multiplayer Launcher & Server Mod Beta 0.3.1)
  10. Yes I do : o ) How did you manage to get your servers listed within QTracker? Mine only shows in URAs launcher.
  11. I had to take down the server for now. It works for some hours without any problems. After that, it simply loses the online connection. I can still access it and change maps, but it stays offline to the outside world. I will try to backtrace this problem and if I come up with anything useful, solve it or file a bug with the wine project. Strange - I host so many Lithtech games on Linux and they all work flawless for over a 100 days straight. NOLF2? No deal.
  12. Try to disable Animated loading screens in the launcher. I had this problem once. There also is an app called dxwnd, you can play around with it.
  13. Hello guys, I'm running a NOLF1 server since at least 3 years and I still see people playing sometimes. I've never set up one for NOLF2, because I never really played it and I thought, there would be dozens, too. Wrong thought! Nobody seems to run any, apart from you guys. And somebody told me that you are struggling with funding every now and then, so I set up a new one. You can see the status here: I still have a little problem. I was able to get the server to be listed on - but it's not listed on the QTracker master server. I can see that the unityhq servers show up on QTracker and in the game launcher. If anyone knows how to do it, I would be glad if you give me a hint. Like all my other game servers, this one runs on a dedicated Linux machine, too. 4x3Ghz, 16GB RAM and a gigabit connection should be suitable for good online play! There is still room to run some more servers, maybe with custom maps or mods. I never really played the game, though. So I don't know which maps or mods I should add to a second server. Give me a hint if you want one.