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  1. This issue has now been fixed! See my blogpost here - http://www.play-old-pc-games.com/2014/07/04/forever-speed-windows/ No need for Windowed mode or anything like that.
  2. GOTYE is pre-patched to 1.04 so you shouldn't need any patches. Your problem isn't with installing the game, it's with running it, so reinstalling using a different method won't help.
  3. Sounds like you have a bad copy of the game and that's upsetting the copy protection then.
  4. Try changing the DT cd drive letter. If you have an actual optical drive that's say, drive D:, make the DT virtual drive D: and your physical drive change that to another letter e.g F: G: Any letter as long as it comes AFTER the DT drive letter.
  5. Well, can you be a bit more specific as to what's actually going wrong?
  6. Tried with a clean install of Windows 8, same drivers but not tampered with at all.. same problem! Game is locked to 30FPS instead of 60 in Windows 8! This is a real shame, I'm considering moving back to Windows 7 now if older games are adversely affected like this.
  7. DirectX 11 is irrelevant (and present in Windows 7 too), NOLF uses DirectX 7, it's too old to use anything like that. It's an nvidia card, GTX580 and I don't have any special settings configured for NOLF. I don't understand what a "screen region" is I'm afraid! I'm running the game full screen. I have updated DirectX with the latest end-user runtimes too. Very curious! I'll update if I discover anything else.
  8. So after spending all that time a few months ago getting NOLF to work, I sat down to play it today, only to find that I couldn't get more than 30fps while playing. Switching back to my Windows 7 installation temporarily I found that there were no issues there. I've found Windows 8 to be about the same for gaming performance, so it seems odd that NOLF would do this, is there anything I could have missed when setting the game up that would cap it at 30fps?
  9. oh I see, doesn't disc 2 have audio tracks and things though? I would have expected them to be in .iso format yeah. Those that don't want to burn the images could then just use Daemon Tools. The installers for the retail NOLF so naturally it expects a CD.
  10. Not sure how a disc can be a zip file, you mean it's a zip file that contains an .iso image ?
  11. What do you mean by "unzipped" the disc? If you have a disc image, just use daemon tools or similar to mount it as a virtual CD-ROM, the installer will work fine then.
  12. Someone said to me over on my website that the GOTYE of No One Lives Forever will install on 64 bit machines no problem, can anyone confirm this?
  13. For anyone else who reads this thread, I re-wrote the installer for patch 3 for 64 bit, I think Eliteone put it up in the downloads section now?
  14. The widescreen patch works quite nicely, I've documented it here http://www.play-old-pc-games.com/2012/05/23/no-one-lives-forever/ If you need more help getting it going.