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  1. Death is just a lil kid, and he complained about it so that you would look elsewhere... that's what liars do - try to throw you off the path. But little did he know that big brother is watching... We know who you are!!! AND as for Rops - ugh you are in the same boat as Death. Make a video to try and prove you didn't cheat... Dude, I like you, but I agree with Sly. I am going to go make a nice dinner, clean the house and play some FEAR!! - CYA!
  2. YES! Noone ever tries to follow me around...
  3. I think you should go with your gut instincts and ban first. That video NV made is just another reason... plus, you can pretty much guess who everyone is by their IP anyway. The game is only full of a handful of people. Let the cheaters come back and beg to be unbanned promising they won't do it later. If they do, permanent ban is my vote. OH AND, who the F cares who NV is anyway, if you crab about it, you must be a cheater too...
  4. DeathValleyGirl

    No Cheat!!!!!

    Couldn't have said it better myself... N1 - E1 AND we are agreeing again...
  5. DeathValleyGirl

    No Cheat!!!!!

    Me too (I concur), and I was totally thinking the same thing *printscreen*
  6. DeathValleyGirl

    No Cheat!!!!!

    First off, I want to say that if you cheat - alias or not, you SUCK... Ok, now for the retort to the above post. Yep, it was us in your first mentioned situation, and when did you start growing a conscience on "not" naming names?? Anyway, I agree with about 0% of what you said except for the part of me wanting to back Phant up when he is blatantly being attacked. I know, ridiculous to you, but your partner doesn't game… One thing I want to mention here - I absolutely know that Phant does not go under an alias to feel liberated and smack talk! I sit next to the guy - he almost never chats in game but especially not under an alias - for a while there, he had this whole keyboard thing going on where he couldn't type in game at all, wasn't even an option for him... not the usual aks;dlfjsa;fkjl but close, hahahaha! As for me, I am the same old b!tch, alias or not. Once I start talking and saying some of my typical stuff, I give myself away anyhow. AGRO albeit, but w/e. Yes, you play as Knix and are always Knix in game. AND you, being "Knix" have the luxury of playing pretty much whenever you want, which means (I can only guess), have few distractions, can give your all, and play consistent - consistently. I, on the other hand, have none of those. So if I want to jump in, jump out, or whatever the case may be in my household at that given moment, I also don't want a thread started on how "people" i.e. me, go AFK or aren't helping the team in some dumb way – no wait, I think there already IS one of those threads! Anyway, I don't feel the need to encourage yet another gripe and moan session – sheesh. At least I am still trying to participate in this game 2vs.2 or 4vs.4. Call me an anarchist, but rock the he11 on "Captain Dynomite", "Rick James", "Jerry Springer" or whoever you might be that day. I can relate to your need/desire to ALIAS! Again, at least they are still playing! Thanks RXS - WWWWOOOOORRDDDDDD!!!
  7. DeathValleyGirl

    No Cheat!!!!!

    Well I can safely say, I was not called an A-hole by Knix, but I did have a confrontation (the first situation he discussed) with him. I did not say ANYTHING to him until he started going "off" on someone I was playing with, about placing. I mean he said things like "best map in the game and you have to place?" - something like "what is wrong with you" etc. At that point, knowing him, I did say my peace as did the person that placed. We both happened to be practicing and (I know obviously noone will agree with me - thus says Knix) but I play better under an alias. Its like freedom or something. No one judging me, thinking, oh F its stupid Val, etc. I also do it when I am intoxicated, etc. cause I like the game and like to play, and don't want to totally suck under my name too. WHICH brings me to say that I have seen a zillion aliases when I am in the game as me and not, and I know several people that play without their real names. OH heaven forbid, they think like me about the game. good grief... Oh yeah and he also said he would have treated us differently if he knew who we were... again w/e. WTF ever about the whole thing. I am still going to do what I do, no law against it, and Knix.... If the world all thought the same way about everything, what a boring place it would be. F.E.A.R. ME!!!
  8. It's the FEAR of change - who moved my NOLF, I mean, my cheese... (of course only a handful have read it and will know what I am talking about but w/e) Where no hope is left, is left no FEAR. Author: Milton Glad I got hope!
  9. In response to: AND I just found a pic of Rops wearing his chinese shoes Somehow I think it's all a trick cause I am sure he doesn't understand chinese! But the shoes DEFINITELY FIT! Thanks for the reminder, Rops, I'm off to play F.A.I.R.!!!
  10. I watched the whole entire thing - and it was too long - LOL! But seriously, I see where there are sooooooo many places in the whole map where you can shoot through the walls, wow, shocking NOT. First, I say, "interesting that you went around finding them all"... Second, "why did you need to know where you can shoot through the walls unless at some point you are planning to be able to see people through them?" Third, "why are you trying so hard to prove something, that you know is false?" Is this movie a way for you to try and tell everyone you don't cheat? Cause that seems like a lot of effort to deny something that has already involved sentencing???? CRAZY AND Skizz, modifying your source files to change the angle of your lean is not a bug, its a hack. Wikipedia definition of BUG: A software bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working as intended, or produces an incorrect result. Bugs arise from mistakes and errors, made by people, in either a program's source code or its design. A program that contains a large number of bugs, and/or bugs that seriously interfere with its functionality, is said to be buggy. Reports about bugs in a program are referred to as bug reports, also called PRs (problem reports), trouble reports, CRs (change requests), and so forth. FOR EXAMPLE---Being able to get behind the map in Siberia... Wikipedia definition of HACK(ER): In other technical fields, hacker is extended to mean a person who makes things work beyond perceived limits through their own technical skill, such as a hardware/(software) hacker, or reality hacker. FOR EXAMPLE---Install a program to change your game so that you can see through walls... It's Just NOLF???.... *sigh* - NO, it WAS just NOLF and so fun it was!!!! Now, its turining into something PATHETIC. I.E. having to even have THREADS LIKE THIS! How can we counter the fact that this game is now full of cheaters???
  11. Well, better to have to wait to play NOLF2 than to not have it at all.... Right?
  12. DeathValleyGirl

    No Cheat!!!!!

    Yes, NOLF2 is a great game, but there are still issues with it and since SIERRA is not putting one single additional DIME into it, I am just trying to help everyone out . BUT NOLF2 will always be in my heart FOREVER!
  13. DeathValleyGirl

    No Cheat!!!!!

    ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR............................. You could all just play **edited out - for the last time, please go talk about that game in the other games section** *cough* PUNKBUSTER *cough* Duhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. DeathValleyGirl


    I just keep hearing lyrics to Hotel California in my head. "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device..." and "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..." Sly, my old leader and friend, you will never be truly gone, not possible. and /tear, there's always MSN!!!!
  15. Uh oh, sounds like someone is getting cross...