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  1. Je suis 16 ans, ci vous plais team des enfants Belladonna, Merci becoupe 3PM eastern should be about 7-8 hours + uk time me thinks, as my mats who live in teh west are 5-6 hours behind depending on daylight saving which was enacted in WW2 to aid crop cultivation and harvesting! (You may have gathered I am studying for my GCSE's)
  2. lol, nm, I cannot be bothered to argue
  3. Ok lets try it this way, If some 1 had on the Cate Archer Nude skin and ran tht in there Custom folder it would edit their character in the game, but only they could see the effects, thus not side server, and another person could run say Cate Archer as a Clown and this would chage the appearence of Cate for them aswell, but not for everyone. The thing with this attachments thing is you can run it side server to affect all the players in the server, or you can run it to only affect you in the game, If you are running this mod on your pc it will NOT affect any other players who tried to run the same mod, as it is on their pc and not the server. Also note if you are running the mod on your PC it will effect not jsut your character apperance but all the says Cate's you can see, such as teh nude skin, but jsut because it is effecting you dosn't mean everyone can see it.
  4. The reason u relate it to hosting is casue it is normaly run as a side server mod by hosts, and affects all teh players, but there is no reason u cannt make u own and bang it into a .rez and put it in your custom folder, it works, i've tried it.
  5. wow a fellow Grand Prix fan, Alonso had a great race
  6. dead easy to make, just edit the modelbutts.txt folder and choose to attach whtever .abc file to any body part u like, great fun, must make a mod for my site 1 day, I have 1 somewhere tht makes cate smoke a cigar and ware glasses permantly in MP.
  7. Just whack it with something like McAffe file shredder, bang gone!
  8. I vote for BELLAGE as he provides great files for nolf 1 and has a great DM server and has helped me on numorous ocations.
  9. Spyder-UbaS

    NOLF 2 MP

    ok Thanks Eliteone,
  10. Spyder-UbaS

    NOLF 2 MP

    why can we not name them?? and NOLF 2 MP rocks!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Spyder-UbaS

    NOLF 2 MP

    ok cool cu all soon, anyhow I think the glue factory banned me for using to many vowles
  12. Spyder-UbaS

    NOLF 2 MP

    Well I finaly got my new XFX 7800 GTX and it rocks, and NOLF 2 SP plays like a dream, but to be honest I have never played NOLF 2 MP... ever... and have no idea wht patches or mappacks I may need, so I though I would ask u nolf 2 tech heads Hope to see u in NOLF 2 soon!
  14. Spyder-UbaS

    Strange Thing

    Also if you guys have a look in d-edit you will find that you will see some weapons that did not actualy appear in teh SP or MP games such as Rubber Boots