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  1. filozof97

    opening .dat files

    Still doesn't work. Using Noesis I can open .rez files, export the DATs, but cannot open them. There must be a way, as there are modder - made missions and so... EDIT: I found a plug- in for Noesis, with it the files can be opened. EDIT 2: Some files can be opened. I opened one mod (PI Granny), but can't open another or original game files. EDIT 3: As I opened the world, I can only see the model. I wonder, how player spawn place, opponents, weapons etc. are coded. Surely in .dat file... but Noesis can't see them.
  2. filozof97

    opening .dat files

    Doesn't work, a lot of "chinese" letters.
  3. filozof97

    opening .dat files

    Hello; I'm learning basics of modding, and I have one problem. I'd like to open one of a game levels, but I simply don't know how. I opened "NOLF" archive, exported "level.dat" file... and don't know how to open, or convert it. I suppose that Dedit is used for editing it, but it opens only it's own files... So, anyone knows?