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  1. Yep. I've also tried updating audio drivers on my PC. No change.
  2. Sure, that was the first thing I've done.
  3. I've installed Nimo, but can not install wmfist.exe - when I click on it, nothing happens. I've extracted the archive by 7-zip and tried to install setup_wm.exe, but system bans it, saying that it's incompatibile. Probably, finding more modern version of that codec would help, but it seems that it doesn't exist/was replaced by something.
  4. Lenovo z500 Intel I7 3632QM Geforce GT 645M + integrated Intel graphic card (I tried starting game with both) 8 GB RAM Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Realtek sound card I've tried installing audio drivers again, but nothing has changed. Also, installing game audio codec manually is impossible - it says that this version is imcompatibile with that Windows edition.
  5. Hello; After some time I installed NOLF 2 again. Patched it, installed fix, widescreen patch etc. When I try to start the game, I always get "ILT SoundSys error". But, it won't show up if I turn off the sound - then, everything works just fine, but playing game with no sound is no fun at all. So.. what should I do ? The PC runs Windows 7 x64.