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  1. Many thanks to blaukanal and EliteOne for sharing and uploading the Spectator mod for No One Lives Forever!!! mpclip cheat now works and it has just revealed a secret and funny dialogue at the very start of the game in the assingment scene 1, when Cate passes by some windows behind which a soldier is patrolling. If you enable the cheat and go through the windows you can activate the dialogue. I'm sure more funny secrets wait to be revealed in the game.
  2. akula65, every site I've been googled about NOLF1 cheats lists mpwhoami to toggle invisibility in game, along with other cheats, part of them inactive during the game: So far, I have found as inactive the following cheats: Walk through walls mpclip Ohio teaser mpgod All maps mpbeenthere Trigger all activate boxes mptriggers Remove all AI players mpboyisuck Toggle invisibility mpwhoami Press [Keypad Plus] to return to start of level mpteleport Unknown mphookmeup Unknown mpcampos Unknown mpbreach Unknown mppoly Unknown mpfov Unknown mplightadd Unknown mplightscale Unknown mpwmpos Unknown mpwpos I understand that it's possible the above cheats were available only to developers, but to me, as a single player, they should have been made available to the retail version too. Some cheats make the game more enjoyable. I like to wander around in the game, go through walls or through some locked doors. What would mean "reset player history"? All the progress in game is lost? I didn't notice that change in the game when I input mpwhoami cheat. I noticed no change at all.
  3. I have NOLF1 GOTY Edition and there is no spectator.rez installed in Advanced - Customize. Also mpclip cheat doesn't work. Could you upload spectator.rez for us?
  4. mpwhoami toggles invisibility according to the sites listing the cheats for NOLF1. There is a spectator mode for NOFL1 posted on a site but the download link doesn't work.
  5. How can I get some of the cheats listed for NOLF1 to work in the single player? I'm talking about mpclip and mpwhoami. Do I need an extra mod for these cheats to work or what?