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  1. RXS

    Rest in peace my friend

    Wow, it's always sad to hear the news about a good gaming friend who has passed away. He was a joy to play NOLF with and rarely got upset. I will always remember him for being such a good example and a good human being. See ya on the other side Herr Natt.
  2. Merry Christmas NOLF buddies! It's been a while since I've been in here...good to see some of you again. Be good.
  3. RXS

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Natter!
  4. RXS

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Fuzzy!!!!
  5. RXS

    Is it a bug ?

    Don't leave....think of it as we are spotting you some points
  6. RXS


    I'll buy one from you....
  7. RXS

    Bad news!

    It has something to do with the fact that he is almost 16 and has a crush on Fuzzy.
  8. RXS

    Patrick got banned from pnx

    Funny how we seem to nearly fill the SFI server in the evenings.....not quite dead yet.
  9. RXS

    Patrick got banned from pnx

    We have strong group of "old timers" who play in the evenings around 11:30 EST....lots of fun and no accusations....it's the nolf I used to remember and some nights the server is full. Patrick has played with us and I have never suspected him of cheating (and a lot of times, he is not the high scorer). It's too bad that a handful of punks have driven so many people away from this game...
  10. RXS

    Hey there....

    Hey Seraph
  11. RXS

    Hi there NOLF Fans

    Hey Rami, welcome to the community. A bunch of us play NOLF2 every night around 9 pm pacific time. Come play with us when you get a chance.
  12. RXS

    NOLF? Tonight?

    West Coast Rules....end of story.
  13. RXS

    NOLF? Tonight?

    I think West Coast would be better for you.
  14. RXS


    LockNLoad from the Original True Clan.....Welcome back. Come play with us in the evenings around 11:00 pm Eastern Time. We'd love to play with you.
  15. We've had a full or nearly full server 11:00 pm eastern time in the none expfix serves....our expfix server is like a ghost town.