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  1. Hi, I have not been able to play Nolf2 for the past two computers I bought. The music plays at the start during the credits but as soon as the game starts there is no sound. The video is great on my new HP desktop with windows 8 os but there is not game sound. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing works. Great video - no sound past the lead in credits. Can you help?
  2. I bought NOLF2 and ran it without difficulty on my old computer with windows XP. Bought a new computer a couple years later and installed it on the computer with Windows Vista. Picture and sound (music) was great but I had no voice or action sound. Went to a web site (NOLF Girl which no longer exists) and got a patch which I installed. It worked beautifully. Bought a new HP Pavilion desk top with windows 7 home premium and now have the same problem....music but no voice or action sound. Picture is great. I tried downloading a patch from this web site (1.3 retail patch). Still did not work. I un-installed the game, reinstalled it and before I played it came to this site and downloaded the 1.3 patch again. Still have on voice or action sound. Can anyone help??????
  3. pjs21014

    NOLF2 download

    Can anyone help? My Nolf2 plays beautifully on my new computer (HP Pavilion desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium). However there is no speech sound or action sound. There is musice but that it. I had this problem before I bought this new computer and got a download from a site that is no longer in existance. I think it was patch 1.3. It is avalable on this site. Does anyone know if that is the correct patch. While waiting for someone to reply I downloaded file 1.3. It did not help. I have music but no voice sound or action sound.