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  1. [WR] Factor


    i might have to pick up a copy and hop on from time to time. im sure i can get the game for next to nothing now.
  2. [WR] Factor


    been good! playing in a PS3 clan now for MW3. switched up the gamer tag to TrickyNickySpazz. working in corporate america now, at corporate bank of america in the credit card side of things. about how many people still play NOLF on a nightly basis?
  3. [WR] Factor


    Holy Smokes, I cannot believe this place is still around!!! I have no idea how many years its been since i played this game but i still see a bunch of names a remember! How is everyone? how is the community? is it still alive?
  4. [WR] Factor

    holy ****!!!!

    wow... its gotta at least been a year since i been around here... i did not think we'd still be running!!! damn, reminds me of the good ol' times. update on me... i am 3 months away from legally being able to drink in the USA!!! (21)... thought that day would never come. i live on my own with my g/f... though that one would never come either... and... i have no idea where any of my nolf disks are... maybe one of these days ill end up buyin them again. is there still a daily amount of fraggin going on or not so much? who is still around that i'd recognize?! say hello. ive missed u guys. oh P.S. bella or e1... can my name be changed to just "Factor" thanks.
  5. [WR] Factor

    Next Gen Consoles

    i dunno...XBOX has me under fan for life...just from XBOX 1...even though the PS3 is gonna be way better... i think its funny how Xbox 360 got its name though the story is...(true story) it was called Xbox 2 but then they thought about it...and they didnt wanna be inferior to PS3...because 3 is further than 2...so they changed name to 360 to make it seem a lil better i dunno...im happy with any console as long as i dont have to go out and buy memory cars...and if they make Madden look kickass...more power to them
  6. [WR] Factor

    NOLF2 Team Fortress

    is this like...a new MOD...like...a type to play...like DM and DD...? if it is...neo might be ur man for the job...he has to be one of top moders around... if u need any maps for it...i might be able to help
  7. [WR] Factor

    Leesy's competition

    yikes...alright...i will try to go around and assemble my coucil... hope watever ur energy is goin to is not bad
  8. [WR] Factor

    Website Suggestions

    o...alrighty...well...whatever the next thing on ur list is...just let me know...and if i can help...i'd be glad to get my hands dirty
  9. [WR] Factor

    Going back to our roots?

    thats true...i dont know if anyone still buys nolf2...the only thing ppl r buying from the nolf series now is nolf1...cuz everyone wants to try it now...and if ur not doin that...i suggest u do...nolf1 is a great multiplayer game...but a lil different from nolf2...so be careful and cab...i love ur sig saying thing...thats a GREAT QUOTE!
  10. [WR] Factor


    ya i know...it still does it too i can get into the DM servers almost 100% of the time just fine... but AM...its like...50-50 chance i get in...and the (JAG) server seems to be hardest bah...o well...at least i can play again!
  11. [WR] Factor

    Favourite music area?

    gotta love the '90s... I'll Be - GooGoo Dolls...come on...best song ever! and thats when Spice Girls were big too!
  12. [WR] Factor

    The Happy Birthday thread

    nice cake! happy b-day AnnikaFiore...everyone is forggetting about her and happy b-day fry ...srry i was late
  13. [WR] Factor

    Website Suggestions

    also...is there an e-mail or sumthin the community can get so we can start the gallery? and an idea...maybe a picture of the week thingy? like...have ppl send in funny pics or sumthin...just to keep ppl entertained... i dunno...just an idea...
  14. [WR] Factor

    UnityHQ Website

    i gotta give it to u guys...it sure kicks *bleep*... spawn...amazing job...and e1 and bella...nice job at running this whole thingy...u guys r amazing ur clan list is done so u can get that up anytime u need... also i LOVE the picture of kate u have under the nav bar...it rules...and i like how it changes depending on what topic ur in...very nice job now id like to add...GET UR PIX IN SO WE CAN START A GALLERY! who do we send our pix to bella?
  15. [WR] Factor


    thats true too...but i mean...cuz i have like...100 crazy ideas...but i always use dull textures...and i never finish the maps...but the layouts r pretty good most of the time... o well...