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  1. Cable Car Station (CJ Version) View File Contract J.A.C.K port of the NOLF 2 Version. Jet pack available when used with the Pegasus mod. Submitter Koyasha Submitted 05/18/2014 Category Maps
  2. Hi Elite1, nice to see this site is still up and well. Do you still run servers for NOLF2?
  3. Hi people, remember me? I used to be on top ranking of almost every DD ou DM matches lol I was really good, always above 40 kills and very often around 50-55 , with a top score of awesome 65 kills!!! So much fun I had in this community!! I even started to make maps, which Im very proud to this day! Time has passed, I hope everyone is ok!
  4. Version 1.0


    Contract J.A.C.K port of the NOLF 2 Version. Jet pack available when used with the Pegasus mod.
  5. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-29/vivendi-said-to-plan-sale-of-stake-in-activision-blizzard.html Vivendi is on financial ruins... so that means they dropped the NOLF franchise rights....and Warner is probably dealing with them, or registering again, since the noonelivesforever.com redirects to lith.com website its a big sign... What do you think Elite1?
  6. also, NOLF3 epic like NOLF1 was or no deal... dont want ti to turn into a generic COD clone, or stupid ideas... Monolith needs to bring it back with everything that made it so amazing 12 years ago... and now release it in all platformas available, not only PC
  7. http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4008:ki9blf.8.1 expired on May 25, 2012 also, Monolith seems to be taken care to recover it since they registered the web domain around the same time TM expired www.theoperative.com www.noonelivesforever.com both redirects to lith.com website Shall we celebrate that another NOLF is coming by the original creators??? Would hate to see NOLF franchise in the hands of people who made Call of Duty
  8. the soundtrack is completely different its good, but inferior to the original...no BadeDum...only the title theme remains its not dynamic like in the PC version, where it changes from slower to fast, depending on the action the soundtrack just plays without stop anyways, the soundtrack is the best thing of this terrible port...avoid playing it
  9. Koyasha


    Well, NOLF3 will be like that: Crazy Harij will be the super villain (he is the mad genius behind HARM) Volkov quit THE DIRECTOR will play a major role Isako will help Cate instead of Magnus its in development since 2009 to be released in 2013 or 2014 using new technology , making it one of the first games of the "new generation" believe me! I know it!!!
  10. aw I played with him many times years ago many years have passed since the good old NOLF days, and like the game title says... No One Lives Forever I read somewhere that, its true, no one lives forever...but when you make a big impression, people tend to remember you well!! Hes living in a better place now, with no worries, no pain, and perhaps, he is already playing NOLF3 !!!
  11. I played CJ in one afternoon in its release date, its short, and I wouldnt play it again the multiplayer is the same of NOLF2, which was a free patch at the time (plus in CJ you have Hydro 2003 and some skins, dont remember if there was any other exclusive map) also at the time, NOLF2 multiplayer was full of people, and CJ was empty, so people never left NOLF2 to play CJ multiplayer CJ was fun for the afternoon I played it, only...i give it a 6/10 because it had a nice art style and if you consider it as what it was meant to be, a cheap expansion to NOLF2, isnt that bad but my opinion is that they shoud have taken 1 more year in development and release it as NOLF3, adding a decent story line, and makes Cate meets JACK at one point of the story and set it in 2 parts, before NOLF2 and after it NOLF1 = 9.5/10 NOLF2 = 9.0/10 CJ = 6.0/10
  12. there's a 3rd version, which features complete new soundtrack and some exclusive levels...it was released for PS2 in 2002 - the soundtrack is nice, but doesnt compare to the PC version (some tunes are brilliant tough) - it has auto aim for enemies, but its gameplay is still bad (mouse+keyboard rules over joypads) - you dont have zoom in the carabine, which is awful - some levels shows young Cate as a thief (i didnt got there yet, and probably never will because this version is very bad compared to the PC one) ***Id rather conect PC to the TV hdmi output and play the PC version emulating a joypad on keyboard and use mouse to aim then play this PS2 port...the port is awful
  13. yes Jen Taylor I was reffering as Princess Peach, sorry I made a confusion with Jennifer Hale because theyre both in Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes or because Kitt Harris and Jen Taylor are both in Super Mario Sunshine, games ive been playing recently anyway...Kitt Harris was FLUDD in Super Mario Sunshine, while Jen Taylor was Princess Peach in that game and many others before it Kitt Harris >>>>>>>> Jen Taylor, do you agree?
  14. sorry double post, but... NOLF1 Cate was a much better character than NOLF2 Cate... in NOLF1 she was a little rude with a strong personality (Kit Harris voice acting was superb)..and she looked more like a real woman (because of being modeled after Mitzi Martin) in NOLF2 she was too "Barbie" and her voice was the same as Princess Peach with a fake accent...(Jennifer Hale)...she was too cartoon, So if NOLF gets a sequel, I would like they bring back Kit Harris to do Cate's voice (if she is still alive...) and Cate to be the closest as possible to NOLF1, *dont get me wrong I love NOLF2 and I think its multiplayer is far better than NOLF1...but NOLF1 is Monolith's finest work, and the single player , soundtrack, art, character design, voice acting, everything was perfect in NOLF1 and the fact everything in NOLF1 SP was so strong, hurted NOLF2 a bit...
  15. At this point, I think we will never see NOLF3...Never.... Monolith has only rights for "The Operative", the first game had a moderate (small) success (not strong, but enough to make a sequel), the 2nd was a commercial failure, and CJ, well.... Cate Archer is not a well known character, we all love her, but she never got the recognize she deserved... The 60's spy theme, with the colorful atmosfere of the NOLF games doesnt appeal the majority of the FPS games, neither does perfume and lipsticks, or mechanic cats... Comedy is a genre that no longer exists...even in cinema, we dont see many comedy movies these days like back in the 90's... NOLF1 and NOLF2 were huge games, 40+ levels....20 hours+ to complete, with hours of dialogue between the characters... and it was a single player game... and 99% of the games today have a focus on multiplayer while the single player campaign is short and limited to a 5-6 hours playthrough...and games are getting shorter every year 8 years have passed since CJ... If NOLF1 and NOLF2 gets a release in PSN and XBLA as classics....only fans of the original games would purchase (those who are still alive after so much time...)/ or a few curious players.... everything goes against NOLF... but were not alone...Shenmue is on the same boat as NOLF... just hardcore Shenmue fans would buy part 3... the fact is that NOLF got overshadowed by bad marketing, and a lot of mistakes from the publisher (like making a crap console port to PS2, instead of XBOX for example) if NOLF1 and NOLF2 were ported to the original XBOX in 2001/2003...the history of the series could have been a lot different