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  1. Koyasha


    whats the day and time of the reunions? I mean, when old community members plays in the servers
  2. Its all there ty, its been a long time since I messed with NOLF2 tools for the last time, I think over than 8 or 9 years! Having to learn it all from the docs again, but I made my 2 connected rooms! I will try to rebuild Misfortune in Morocco scene 1 and 2 in a DD map ehe
  3. found! https://www.spawnsite.net/ God bless you Spawn!
  4. ohh its here!!! http://spyderclan.net/nolfgirl/files/indexdbfc.html?action=category&id=22
  5. Anybody has the text or files to this? I found it through webarchives, I dont think the old Wiky tutorial still exists, is he still around? Spawn? https://web.archive.org/web/20171218034716/http://www.archer.dk/nolfgirl/files/index.php-act=category&id=22.htm
  6. this worked for, thanks if youre still around
  7. So glad to see you still incharge, you guys did a great job in keeping those games alive. Whenever I go I spread to the world how good NOLF games are. Looking to reinstall everything now, I still have my discs but the site has a 6 limits download so Im getting the files daily
  8. Hello! Some nostalgia hit me up this week and Ive been playing some NOLF1 and thinking in install NOLF2. Do You guys still run multiplayer for our beloved games? I'm 35 years old now, when we met back in 2002/2003 I was just 17 to 18 years old! Best wishes!!
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