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  1. You really are a sick puppy....Its amazing how you can video tape and kill yourself with only 1 hand. I suppose it would be easier if you would take the other one out of your nose.....
  2. Hathcock was tagged last night - waiting for screenie to be displayed.....Can't remember who got him...sorry, the memory isn't what it used to be.....Besides, it was an alias....
  3. Unfortunately, Metal is pretty accurate with that statement. I can definitely say that most of the Teens/Pre-teens in the States listen to hip-hop crap.... It's all they listen to in the New York City area. Pure, mindless garbage....I have to check every song she downloads before I will let her load it on her MP3 player....If I don't get the radio-edit version of the song, WOW, some of those songs are just plain nasty. How about this: My 10 year-old son (LittleHowie) listens to the Beatles!!! How cool is that....Maybe his Dad had some influence in that " At least there's still hope for him.
  4. HowitzerAL

    lol ST lol

    I just spoke to Dave - he told me to tell you all: afjkjkfhakjfhakhdfa alkjfhasdkljfhasljkfhajsdkfh adflhfljkhasfljhasflkjahsfjafh AL.... P.S. Morgenholt called you all cheaters
  5. HowitzerAL

    Small vs tall

    I have to check my kids soccer schedule when I get home, but if i'm available, I'm in..... And put me on the shorties...
  6. Thats so true Sugs...everytime I get to a new place, I move the cursor around like a bug, and open everything possible - looking for the magic pixel that says, open...I never even knew the mirror said anything because I opened the stalls first
  7. So then I guess we shouldn't even play the game anymore.......Since we don't stand a chance....Seems some peoples priorities are going down the wrong road.....
  8. that was a lot of fun..thanks to everyone who spent time arranging this......
  9. Better yet Belg..Tell them you have a problem with your eyes: I just can't see myself coming in today.... AL
  10. Puff, check this site out.. Look around the site - here is one main thing I found How often will Googlebot access my web pages? For most sites, Googlebot shouldn't access your site more than once every few seconds on average. However, due to network delays, it's possible that the rate will appear to be slightly higher over short periods. Check out the FAQ area... It also give you ways to fine tune..... Hope it helps, Al
  11. [NOOB]----LOL By the way - what maps are we playing? Suggestions: Victory in Venezuela Donnybrook in Denmark Blitzkrieg in Brooklyn Melee in Malasia Phosnoob in Phoenix Frag ya later, AL
  12. I'm in.....being 42, put me in with the seniors, unless of course, you are going by mental age....then i'm only 6 and-a-half years old...and king of the kids...
  13. Yea, now you know how us guys feel all the time.... " Seriously, sorry I missed it - I planned on attending but something came up...I will try to make next one... Howie
  14. IT'S UP!!!! Happy happy joy,joy
  15. mmmmmmmm..getting snacked around by a bunch of females? Sounds like fun......I'm in..... AL