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  1. Anyone have an idea why NOLF games are not available on Steam?
  2. Ok, I was able to compile the game and play the game with the compiled binaries without a problem after using Service Pack 6 and the DirectX SDK (Didn't say 8) It worked... which is great. The readme file indicates that service pack 3 and DirectX 8 SDK are required but like I said, I'm getting by with the newer updates. I got what I needed from these links: VS6 Service Pack 6 DirectX SDK One caveat, during the installation of Service Pack 6, I ran the setup file and it failed because it couldn't find a setup file. I renamed the file, sp698ent.stf to acmsetup.stf which solved the problem as described here: Hope this helps anyone else, and thank you to everyone who offered help.
  3. So does anyone know where I can get Visual C++ 6 service packs 4 and the DirectX 8 SDK ? I've managed to get my VC6 on a newer machine since my last post. The first link posted is no good anymore and the second link doesn't contain VC6 service packs.
  4. Only service park 6 can be found there. Can anyone confirm if the source still compiles with service pack 6? service pack 4 is required by the nolf source. I'm not sure if there would be any problems with service pack 6.
  5. I need the service packs for visual c++ 6. It's really hard getting a hold of those in 2013. I also need the directx 8 SDK.
  6. Hello, I have always wanted to work on a mod for NOLF; however, the legacy environment required to do so has always been an obstacle. I need some 2013 guidance on setting up the source code for development. This isn't 1999 or 2001 anymore. So there are challenges present that are not covered by monolith initial installation instructions. I have in my possession visual studio 6, I.e., I have visual c++ 6.0 I have to port it to a newer machine and then update it to the right service pack and directx sdk. Does anyone out there know how I can update VC++ 6 in this day and age? Thanks
  7. I really would like to get coding on this, I just have this big problem of setting up a legacy environment in order to do it. Pennin on github has also began some huge lithtech project that includes nolf1. There hasn't been any updates from him in a while though.
  8. Yeah, I don't think it will be that easy to read a ps2 disc from your computer. What you found out about the format is interesting. I don't know much about .irx format. Makes me wonder which is easier, to ask monolith for a release of those maps or to crack the ps2 disc.
  9. I have the GOTY edition now. There was no prima strategy guide in it. I bought a pre-owned copy of course. I don't see how they could've fit a game guide in such a small box... Oh and I found a youtube clip of that mission with Cate as a thief. That's a shame if we can't play those PS2 missions on the PC. How hard can it be for one of us to port those 3 missions over ourselves.
  10. Cool, but Monolith never released Game of the Year edition levels to the public over the years or what? It'd do the game justice just to feature the maps in an update.
  11. What is the difference between NOLF and NOLF Game of the Year Edition?