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  1. blue


    then change the default character on your server...
  2. blue


    obviously they give the person an advantage. just like how the default ninja skin is easier to see in japan than an agent in a dark trench coat. bottom line: duh, it gives the person an advantage. whether or not it's "ethical" is how the person is changing the skin color. before anyone tries to give an excuse as to how this is "art"...let's cut the crap, you'll be changing the skin to a vibrant color (pink, yellow, etc) so that the contrast between the character and the background is greater.
  3. i think its time you bought a xbox 360 or a ps3. seems like a waste to play nolf2 on that tv. /jealousy
  4. if you're looking for the soundtracks, i think triggerhappy already did something to that effect. you can use audacity (to record sound) or fraps (to record video...up to 30 seconds on the free version)
  5. blue

    New Tag

    lol wtf. suxor, unknown didnt admit he cheated. he came to the forums posting about his problem that he couldnt join the POOP server. neo told him the only reason he cant join is because he has the hack. he then told everyone he USED to hack but not anymore. LMAO. fuhgetaboutit sugs, whether or not rops hacked, he's still a punk for trying to install a trojan on someone else's comp just to look at their private forums. he could've at least had to decency to wine and dine an SFI and get access through their personal computer, right? oh wait, that was already done. is it just me or does anyone else miss azazel, foxsy, AE, etc.
  6. blue

    New Tag

    LMAO @ NS forums. at least i brought down a few people using the hack (rops, gangsta, pixel). props to neo bahamut for catching a few of these uknown idiots
  7. blue

    New Tag

    rops is gone. i give myself at least partial credit *pats self on back*
  8. blue

    New Tag

    i wish more old school nolfers played...
  9. lets load the servers with the fix, shall we?
  10. are you by any chance a college student? most universities have an education deal for OS/software. (or if you have a friend or family member in college) i got a copy of xp pro for $20. vista ultimate for $34.
  11. Blooooooo! I miss youuuuuu!

  12. there's probably going to be an increase in the number of people that do this but.... if you add [*] to the end of your name, it might...just MIGHT seem like you have scmd access to the server. and if you add 2 [*]...then you have twice as much scmd power!!! little trick e1 taught me
  13. BLoo[*] hey metal, check it out. i've got scmd access to the forums!