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  1. Blammo

    Ambient Sounds

    I ended up just messing around with it and got what i need.
  2. Blammo

    Ambient Sounds

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me understand a few options in the Ambient Sound object. I have used these sound objects before but kinda just guessed at what to use in the input fields. Im trying to understand these better rather than just guessing. There are 2 input boxes in the object, one called "LoopWaitMax" and one called "LoopWaitMin". I was wondering if i just need to pick one to add input to for an ambient sound to go off at certain set intervals. If so what would be the difference in using say max over min or do i need to put numbers in both boxes? Any help would be most appreciated.
  3. Hi i was wondering what the custom LivesForever mod does? I take its something to do with playing online in servers without using a master server? i think... I haven't entered my cd key in yet so does the mod bypass this because cd keys were only used on the master server side of things? Will there ever be an issue joining a server using the same ip from 2 machines in my house? Also will the mod mess with the regular game if i play single player story or will it affect LAN play between the computers i have in the house? thanks Blam
  4. Hi, we just got Nolf 2 in the house and i have a few questions about playing online in the servers. I have found that when using the IP join tool it comes with some server ip's listed already. A few work and lead to servers but some say error establishing connection to server. Does this mean that these servers are down? Is there a way to add servers into the ip tool without having to retype the ip in every time? On the right of the forum here i see servers listed on a gametracker graphic. From what i see the servers info there isn't updated and are just static images right? The one server says 8 players in it but when i plug in the ip and port i get a error establishing connection. Are these old server addresses and is there a way to see if anyone is actually on using the gametracker site? Whats the best way to find people playing and get up to date server lists? thanks Blam
  5. got mine through amazon in the mail today! i finally figured i had to update the game to 1.3 before the custom button would appear. Not sure if you have that step listed on the join servers info. Just tried to join the servers that i saw but i had a resource message pop up. Guessing that means i am missing maps so i'm downloading the map pack as i type. Me and the kids know nothing of this game besides the 2 levels in the demo so if you see some noobs running around it's probably us hehe.. My oldest son (6yrs old) goes by the name Logan Ironeyes, my youngest son (4yrs old) is Baby Boyce, and i go by Blammo. Hope to see some of you guys on sometime... Blam
  6. oh and is the cd key located on the back of the cd case? I need to know this when ordering a used version...
  7. thanks, i guess i should do some more forum reading before i ask questions already asked. Just read that most people play part 2 over the 1st nolf and CJ game. What is it about part 2 that makes it better than the other 2 in the series?
  8. ok thanks for the info. I was wondering if someone could fill me in a little about the multi-player community since that these are older games. What should expect when we want to play? How are the 3 main games populated? Is one game more popular than the it hard to find people to play against? I will probably buy Nolf 1 first and then work my way to part 2 and then CJ. I'm guessing the most popular reviewed game by the fans holds the most players? Blam
  9. Hi, i was wondering if you could help me out with some game info.... I'm looking to buy the 2 Nolfs and CJ full version games for me and my 2 young boys who currently only play the demos on our 2 computer LAN. I'm probably going to buy the full games used on Amazon since I've seen them fairly cheap on there. What i was wondering is how many copies will i need of each? Do i have to buy 2 each so i get 2 cd keys to play internet with the 2 comps or can i use the same cd key and install on both comps? Any info or help in this area would be great. I see there is a Game of the Year edition too.... Blam
  10. Blammo

    Info String

    cool.. when using either 256 and 512 is there a lighting quality difference on screen that you will notice or have noticed? Which one is faster and do you use it on a map regardless of whether it has light issues or not?
  11. Sgt that wasn't my Dedit readout. I just copied that from the 2nd link you gave me as an example of where i was getting the "Transferring Inside Fragments" wording from. Thanks for the tips though. While we're on triangles here. Does Dedit handle triangle brushes ok? Sometimes i will just create a 3 point brush when i'm building and wondered if it was ok instead of creating a square and slicing some of it off. Its easier for me to make cliff faces with triangles without slicing and i wondered if it would effect processing?
  12. Blammo

    Info String

    Does anyone know more about the World Info/Info String box? This is where i use the Ambient Light command but a long time ago i noticed on some other mappers ed's that they had additional info there. I was wondering if it was needed and what would prompt them to use it on a map? Looks like it has to do with lightmaps? The info i found is below... PBlockSize 2048; LMGridSize 32; MaxLMSize 32 also if there are any other useful info string commands it would be nice to know.. thanks Blam