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  1. Nope, same issue present, i cant connect when to siveria mission scene 2, i dont know if the problem is my computer, but in tokyo mission i dont have any problem at all.
  2. Siveria mission scene 2, doesnt work well, when you reach scene 2, it discconects and you cant connect again, it will be nice if the missions were switching more often to, thanks
  3. i want to host a server to play coperative missions of my choice with my friends, if i host, can i join the same server i created to play?, i tried with join ip tool, and its says something like "cannont join specific game" or something like that, i read that if i have a router i must open some ports, what its the exact protocol and that stuff to open that ports?, my router its Dlink d-600, thanks in advance XD
  4. thanks XD, just another thing, i have an ussie with the compass, it dont appears when i start to play, but when i switch a scene, like in cop mode, it appears
  5. i never find someone to play when i connect to the servers, do you have a tip or something?