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  1. You should reinstall your Graphic Driver, and make sure you do a Clean Install. put a check in box on the bottom of the driver that asks you if you want to do a clean install, after that-reinstall your game and try the game just to make sure it's working, if it works then get the patches for it and you should be all set Good Luck.
  2. I got the controls to save after uninstalling from the C: SSD drive that's on the laptop, and installed nolf2 on the D: HDD drive-which didn't work at first, so i just never bothered with it after that and just let it sit for a week. Today for the S&G's of it I plugged a different keyboard into the laptop and it started working. I don't know if that was the problem or not, but it fixed itself. All i had to do after that was re-assign the controls
  3. I'm having problems saving controls when they have been assigned. When I try to assign them nolf 2, and cj crash, but other than that the games work, I just can't move. The pre-assigned controls are blank. I haven't tried changing the movent keyboard controls in nolf as of yet, but have noticed that weapons can't be assigned when changed i'm not real file savvy when it come to making changes, but I'll learn if I have to. I've been through the forums and have seen a few things about it, but it's over my head and I'm not sure how to open the files up or what program to use to open them, but am still willing learn. I'm running them on an MSI Dominator Pro-087 Laptop. Thanks.
  4. Is the server for Coop missions set to Loop? When you get to the end of the missions the server won't loop back to the first mission. Thanks
  5. Common Service:FTPAIMHTTPPPTPOther Service Name: Service Type:UDPTCPTCP/UDP Server IPv4 Address: . . . Server IPv6 Address:: : : : : : : Start Port: End Port: are these the same servers I use to host from the states or...I'm kind of lost because I'm not able to host, real using xfinity and can't seem to get it to work
  6. Hi Eliteone, Thanks for the input! I went back and took out the 550 ti put the gtx 760 in my pc, removed the current graphic driver 355.82 and everything nvidia and installed it again, started nolf in admin and I still got the MFC i...removed driver 355.82 and installed driver 344.48 from last year...Game started right up on my 760...Weird.. I also perform a clean driver install...
  7. Hi All I'd been having problems with NOLF crashing with a message saying "Client MFC Application has stopped working" with 2 of my computers. The Problem started when I upgraded my Graphics Card from a Geforce 560 Ti To a Geforce GTX 760...well thats when it started, and for 8 months or more I could not figure out why NOLF stopped working. So today For the S&G's of it i decided to put the Nvidia 560 ti back into my old computer (where the game had been working great before) Windows 7 64 AMD Phenom II 965 o.c @ 3.7 Ghz and NOLF started working again! So I Went even further and tried the 560 ti on my Newer Computer build Nvidia GTX 970 x2 SLI Crosshair V Formula Z mobo 990 FXA Windows 7 64 AMD FX 9590 4.7 Ghz O.C. to 5.0 Ghz Hyper X memory 1866 16 gb. NOLF NOLF2 and C.J. performed flawless! When I put the newer Graphics card back in my machines, NOLF stopped working! Only Down Grading the Graphics Card Worked for me, Because anything above 560 ti wont work as far as i know... which has been my issue. The ATI 4250 HD Works ok with NOLF, but Im not a fan of ATI when it comes to NOLF. In saying all of that...according to the nvidia website the 760 and 970 meet the requirements nolf needs to work but it doesnt. The 560 ti is from an older generation of graphics card and older is some times better in cases like this. I am tired of messing with this now...Hope this helps with MFC issue
  8. I didn't know this... I'll have to look for the d/l to get it working again...Tks! Thanks for Working YOUR A Off to keep servers up! Much.