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  1. BlackRain


    Long time no see is correct! I'm around from time to time. I just generally don't log in (or post). I might need to fire up Nolf again just to play with all of you.
  2. BlackRain


    Does anyone still play? I've thought about playing again, but seems almost pointless. Thank you!
  3. I've never played it either. PS: Hi
  4. BlackRain


    Being this is just an "serious discussions" forum, I am just here to say HI. No negativity! Just a simple HI. Thanks
  5. I can't believe how DATED nolf looks now. Good jesus!
  6. I may download and play again. It certainly has been a while since I've logged in.... I Have not played NOLf in a very long time either.
  7. forgot the link... Lol
  8. I recently was searching Google, and came across an interesting article I believe everyone would love to read. It is news relating to the reboot/'re-release of NOLF 1/2/3 (contract Jack). It certainly is great news and I for one would certainly start using D-Edit again for future map creations in my spare time. Elite - I honestly believe this is important news and should be posted in a more "formal" setting. Thanks, Cody.
  9. James Bond, I think I MIGHT have a fix for you. Trying to install the regular (non-goty) nolf, I was having the same issues. After I found (or perhaps) downloaded the GOTY disks, I had no issues with installing and playing the game again. I'm in the process of uploading the disks to be put on the website at the moment for those who have their disks but are not currently working. Eliteone should be receiving the disks soon.
  10. Back in the day I was into editing the NOLF source code.. It had been a VERY long time since I have touched any kind of code though. =[ God damn reality... Always getting in the way.
  11. After much debating with myself, I have finally came to terms what nolf stands for! WAIT FOR IT.... WAIT FOR IT.... WAIT FOR IT.... HAMS ARE REALLY MEATY!!!! Also after my debate, I finally installed nolf again to give it a twirl... Of coruse, no one was online but I had no issues playing this classic by myself. I am ALMOST tempted to crack open dedit for old times sake...
  12. It has been some time since I have voiced my opinon for the NOLF community. Eliteone, I think we as a community need to "pump" life back into the game.
  13. Cameron, it is impossible to upload a texture pack upgrading the graphics. The current engine can only handle so much. What you see now is bascially what your going to get. IF (and I mean IF) some one had the time, one could create a new engine and recode and remake the entire game.... Would require A LOT of work.. Even then I am sure you would need the rights and I doubt that is something sierra or monolith would be willing to give up.
  14. When you rotate prefabs, you should be able to do it in the menu of the props in which direction it is facing. If you give me a while I will install NOLF to help you out a little. As for the doors, you should be able to alter all settings in the setting menu for the door. (It has been a very long time since I have touched Dedit)