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  1. Hey guys. =) I'm curious about peoples thought's on the subject of World Co-op Nolf 2. What do I mean? Well.. =P Basically a hub level simulating a suburb or a small city as such below. - This would always be the 'home' map. - This would have the 'outers' of the buildings relevant to the 'levels' which would use the nolf 2 transition system, entering the doorway of say a 'prison' would of course give you the level change indicator and take you there. - Posibilitys: - Airport:Plane to elsewhere - Subway (in pic below too) Stationary train with transition to another railway station elsewhere. - Since file size isn't an issue with an average nolf2 map being tiny, this could be cloned several times with changes made. - IE: After completing 3 of the levels, when returning to the main map here, its cloned and now has a new better apartment (maybe with weapons locker and now a new weapontype for all) and the old apartment having its door now locked forever. - Trams as transport on some roads. - Use of vehicles around the roads (Well snowmobile isn't ideal in a city setting...) A little about the screenshot below: I had furthered this with transitions to inside a post office mail sorting centre and a hidden unity hq, as well as a few fanciful buildings filling in the city blocks. It ran fine with a fairly high poly count. Post your thoughts about this if you have any.
  2. This was a great read thankyou. I like the nolf character pasted into the team photo. =P
  3. @ Malautomedonte ^This is so true of Nolf1. Could not have said it better myself. =) 0 players on server tends to end up 6 within if, people start getting itchy trigger fingers in real life..knowing theres some fun shooting to be had! Of course the gamespy dropping Nolf1 will impact its small numbers even more. I understand Coldowns point of view, but its not a new point of view, im sure many of us wish to spraypaint 'PLAY NOLF!' on the moon so people play these great series of games. But to look on the positive side, there is at least a home for nolf lovers here, with a pimped up download section, and just so much Cate archer love oozeing from most every page. We of course would not have this without Eliteone, who has put her money where her mouth is and just done it, with community help, made these forums live on. And anytime I have messaged a member, the replys given have not been rude or no reply at all, it has been with maturity, and a love for what nolf is. That to me is worth more than having a forum full of 'lolcopters' trolling and generally being abusive. So yes people are still active, and whats more, it is an actual community of people with a common love, that are so persistent, this still remains, even after all these years. =) I would encourage anyone reading this who have not posted before, post away, build the community. For such a poorly advertised, game that is far outdated, its holding up quite well.
  4. Hey there! If your like me, on a rainy day or during moments of boredom, dedit comes out for some creative fun. You may have had a creative streak of genius..or..well it seemed like it was genius at the TIME. =P Here is one such old creation I found while on a witch hunt through old cd's. Isnt it just...lovely? *laughing* Regards - Choofy
  5. Choofy


    This is quite sad, I hope the Openspy works out. Thats quite killer than the main factor in Nolf1 Mp lasting so long is being shutdown.
  6. EDIT:nvm I was a 'duh head' and hadnt checked out the download section..dangit i should remember the modern way..leech second. =P Anyone reading this post, checkout the download section. Trying this out within the next few hours. Thanks for the effort and work put into this.
  7. Title got you in? Feel like a rusty old relic yourself at times? Well lets rust together shall we. =P It somewhat begins to worry me just how N.O.L.F would turn out if made in this day and age. Where longevity of a game in many of the elder games remade, is thrown out the window for quick pleasing eye candy. And to step up to a level of development like N.O.L.F... those are not just big shoes to fill, thats a giant pair of boots if ever there was, to fill! says it quite well. I enjoy the new games in many respects, dont get me wrong and begin to flame me =P (hey im made of rust i dont burn easy! I just flake) but they seem to be so quick and over with, just as they begin to get somewhat interesting. Which tends to leave me playing mmorpgs to get some long term pleasure, which is something I always gained from N.O.L.F. A game I could reinstall again and again, and just enjoy it. Also the 'hmm well im going to try it stealth this time!' The choice. REMAKE For NOLF3 I would like to see, a more interactive free roaming world. Not a grand theft auto world, just something reasonably small, tying the missions together abit. Giving cate a home, and a few street blocks to adventure through. Where she could access her missions from too of course. Anastasia seems to have read my mind in a previous post. I would want nolf3 to be all about cate before she joined Unity. the ps2 extra level. Would totally love to see the humour yet again, I miss that so much, I think its a large part of why many return to N.O.L.F and reinstall it even in these days. Amusing interaction, funny acting, absurd looking characters (I dont know about you but 'Smithy' from N.O.L.F 1 with his upraised eyebrow , that perpetual look of haughtyness just makes me giggle everytime. Overall I wouldnt want a ton of new features introduced, its hard to improve on almost perfection, and if tommorows they announced NOLF3 would be exactly like previous nolfs, and tons more missions, I wonder how many of us would turn our noses up at that. I know i wouldnt =P STORYLINE Its the 1950's and Cate is a young girl, just on the verge of womanhood, setting is a Lords manor house. Cate has found her father dead, in a pool of blood, she picks up the gun he was killed with (background voice ''Lord Archer? Constable Bigguns is here to speak to you about Cate again'' whereupon the butler knocks politely and hearing weeping (cates) enters. ''Good heavens what have you done!'' and runs out of the room heading for the Police Constable. Cate panics and runs. She is now destitute with no family left (since her mother died young) and the police are wanting her in regards to juvenile crimes, but she thinks they want her for the murder. So she lives her life of burglary, meeting various villians along the way who give her missions to thieve things. The ending would quite simply be where she steals Brunos watch and he is waiting for her..her first entry into Unity itself. (and her juvenile records cleared)
  8. Well done. =) Indeed interested. (messaged)
  9. Nolf is one of the rare timeless classics, indeed.
  10. Heya guys. Well we setup a dedicated nolf server for some fun tonight, sure enough we had 5 in no time. Long live nolf! Having a great amount of fun..(me getting owned alot with my huge ping =P) But then the hostess seen this. Is there something we are missing and there is a ziphook or other legit method to get in there, or is this an age old nolf glitch to get into the fish tank? Replys would be appreciated, as gaming isnt gaming unless its fair. Win or lose. Choofy
  11. Edited for confirmation. Yes it was made by Linden May aka 'viktor' mailed him a thankyou for his excellent work on this years ago, and even got a reply, hes a great guy. It is indeed in the downloads section you can thank elite one for that, it may be named console mod but its what you seek. =)
  12. Choofy

    NOLF 1 Remake

    Milkshape 3d will get nolf meshes from .abc's. As for weapon info, level info etc. Yea just use nolf tools and open that game right up. Nothing to lose =p free source code, and basically everything is openable in some way. Even compiled level .dats if you want to take a peak at the settings used (no its not going to tell u what brush and what thickness, more along the lines of ai setup etc. They open with wordpad.=) if you need anymore info feel free to drop me a pm. =)
  13. I have some singleplayer mini maps I made up, such things as using a keypad to unlock doors. ai patrolling etc. If your still seeking info just drop me a pm. But its basically drop in your patrol nodes, name them, and set the ai your using with a cmd something like patrol pts=walker_0,walker_1,walker_2,walker_3 loop=1 and lay down an ai volume so the ai actually can walk within the area you have the nodes. =) Nolf ai is very old school, without all the bells and whistles of later lithtech editors, being able to click to connect etc. But it hasnt changed that much.
  14. Firstly an apology to all, as many things get started (maps and dreamers) but few cross the finishing line! Sadly this has been sitting on my pc gathering dust as we pushed hard on a different mod for another game. Never forgotten though. Props etc were all made within a week of my first original post, its moreso placing them. Heres a rough idea (if people didnt see the youtube vid before it got removed) These areas will not get alot more added to them, as with two of us having spent approx:5hrs the last week playing it and shooting each others butts off! It needs alot of moveability. Lets get down to the nitty gritty of it shall we? Theme:year 2000 unity headquarters. Props: server - pc - desk - divider - air conditioning - photocopier - bin -magazines - cans of drink - couches - chairs - tables - water cooler - microwave - cabinets - bookcase - microwave and more thats just off the top of my head. And yes these are destroyable in Multi Player. So no camping, else you may find your cover turns into splinters/metal chunks, and your butt getting handed to you =p Transport: zip hook madness, drop downs within buildings. 2 timed lifts in the centre building, with two window washer machines inbetween levels. gutter pipes climbable, and various ladders around as well as an outside lift that goes from the ground level to the top. Changes since start: lots of windows removed for easier shooting access (yea..using the contender with a glass window in your face wasnt pleasant ;D) The overall build made alot less hiding friendly, and more aimed at being able to have very few hiding spots, as when played, its alot bigger than it looks, with so many levels, to have left it at many hiding spots would turn it into an hour long battle of campers. =p To-do: all the props (.abc models) i have made i defaulted to one debris type, the server debris, so i shall need to make some various debris (what the props turn into when destroyed) as at the moment a desk when blown up..spits out motherboard and psu's etc. Evidently server debris. =P a tad of texturing and one corner im not that happy with, as its abit campy. and hearing a sniper shot..theres alot of territory to cover to even find where the enemy is. And still one or two more props i have in mind, nothing big, just some barrels for the roof..exploding ones of course! Should I wrap this up for under peoples xmas trees? As yes it will be done by getting pushed, shes a hard taskmaster. Regards:choofy