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  1. Thanks 4 the help guys.....It did indeed turn out 2 b a firewall problem I use PC Cillin and It seems after an update, I now must turn off my firewall to get a server connection Wierd....I have had this same anti-virus 4 years(just like nolf)and it never happened b 4 Any who thx 4 ALL the help and support on ur part C-you in the crosshairs
  2. For the last three days..I can't log on to NOLF2...I keep getting an error message that say's Error retrieving latest version information (WS_WSAECONNREFUSED) ANY info or suggsestions will be helpfull...I tryed 2 reinstall but keep getting the same error message....WTF over
  3. Perhaps we could find out how many time we have BEEN killed as well,that would be a cool way to modify the score.....just a thought