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  1. Mime's post disappeared! *Cue X-files theme
  2. I wouldn't have the first idea how to code the program that would turn an online server into something like the Sierra master server. My idea is to code an additional splashbox that comes up before the normal one. It's options and features would be something like this (Hopefully): Select mod Go to the standard Nolf 2 splashbox Enter Gameserver IP Join by IP It would also need to display an image with info on it or some text info that lists the IPs of current Nolf 2 gameservers and we would have to be able to maintain and update this info. This would essentially replace the master server but not give you any server polling features.
  3. This is why I insult you. By your thinking, cops are murderers and should not be allowed to use guns.
  4. Well we can talk nice or we can talk mean. You called the only person who has done anything signifigant about the cheating problem in Nolf 2 a cheater. If you don't see the difference between n0lf v1g1lanT3 and a real cheater it's because you don't want to see it and I can't help you with that.
  5. So he wouldn't have to listen to jerks like you, disco. OR get harrassed by CHEATING PIECES OF CRAP when he comes in to just play for real under his regular name. People seem to underestimate the power of a wallhack. There is no point in even trying when a skilled player uses one against you.
  6. Pwned by n0lf v1g1lanT3! Good work, N.V.
  7. Phantizen

    No Cheat!!!!!

    Screenie this... I TOTALLY agree with Major.
  8. Phantizen

    No Cheat!!!!!

    I linked an article about it, Sasser. Where you have a 'W' I have a comma. But without a special keyboard which is "hard-wired" to be Dvorak, you need the special windows setting active.
  9. Phantizen

    No Cheat!!!!!

    One can witness my Dvorak-induced typing impairment in Sly's Evolution video. I didn't know that ctrl+shift was the hotkey for toggling back and forth between qwerty and Dvorak layouts (only true if you have a Dvorak layout enabled) and so I would be able to type until I crouched, basically. Ha ha ha! Somehow this wouldn't effect the game's key binds. I finally realized ctrl+shift was the key combo while playing FEAR because shift+ctrl is the sliding kick melee move.
  10. Phantizen

    No Cheat!!!!!

    I wish you would quit whining about how UNBELIEVABLE it is Knix. I like playing with an alias sometimes and I have my own reasons. Here is where part of Knix's story comes from everyone. I finished the machine one time cause I was practicing for the VET vs. KID match and Knix called me a "Dumbass". Seeing as how I don't like being called that, I immediately put my real name on and called him a smartass and a big mouth. Which having to keep posting about this issue of how nonsensical playing with an alias is just proves it, IN MY OPINION. *Yawns* Yay, aliases, something new to complain about. Oh and wait, something old too. Phos, rockets, w/e. And to those who wonder, I don't know who the chick was. Maybe that was at a different time. EDIT: Whoever she was, I hate smack-talk too. That crap is the worst.
  11. Take back what you said about spandex! Everything else I agree with. Ha ha! Foam pieces glued to canvas is crap. Something has to have a certain amount of fine detail and effort put into it's creation before it can be considered art in my opinion also. Otherwise, it would be like throwing a box of dishes down a stairwell and calling it music.
  12. Phantizen

    It's just NOLF!

    Several reasons. People as a whole are not into mods and when people go to play, they have to join a game where they can find it. With numbers down as they are, you play where the people are. Plus there are things that can be fixed which are not even in the single anti-cheat mod we have. Many of us also think of the first-time player. N00bs can't be expected to update to the latest version and then learn how to put in a mod (which is not documented in the game itself) and then know how to switch back and forth between the modded and retail version as needed to play but ALL n00bs in ANY game have to update their game to the latest version in order to play. By moving, as a community, to a new version which includes the most recent improvements we have, we bury some of the problems of the past.
  13. Phantizen

    It's just NOLF!

    I would like to participate in this. What I REALLY think we need is Bahamut Zero's help (Everyone beg him really hard in this thread) because he can compile the source and he knows this engine better than anyone. I can contribute in several ways. I have some knowledge regarding that which can be exploited and should be disabled. (Including some things that are not common knowledge) I am familiar with the tools and their documentation plus I have 2 PCs other than the ones Val and I game on that can run Nolf 2 and that have internet access. I could apply test patches, uninstall Nolf 2 and reinstall it on these without inconveniencing myself. We also need some people who would be in charge of creating polls, seeking out and keeping track of public opinion and posting about this in all Nolf 2 forums to ensure as much participation in the decision-making process as possible. In other words Mod team ambassadors to the community. I also would value the participation of anyone who can share knowledge of any cheats we might not have access to or knowledge of. This would not make you look bad because by doing this you are making it possible to get rid of the cheats. This can be done secretly by contacting me. That's "Cheats for Phant" c/o Ha ha! JK! But we do need your help if you know of one that you think we might not know of. I can tell you right now that we can't fix the ability people sometimes have to get outside of the map. To do that you have to have the MAP source and we do not have this for the retail multiplayer maps. If there are some custom multiplayer maps that have enough support and are balanced and bug free, we could include these in the update and expand the number of maps that come standard in version 1.4 Hey, SkiZZor's done some coding!
  14. Phantizen

    It's just NOLF!

    You don't give the cheaters enough credit! That value can be changed as much or as little as one likes, so why be too obvious when you can move your character model just a little bit further out of harms way and have no one notice? The same goes for the wallhack. The smart ones don't go around firing rockets through doorways all the time. That would be a dead giveaway. As far as I can remember, it works for me with just one click. As soon as I click on them they begin playing the "waking up" animation.