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  1. Thanks, Mike. I did get this working, but it's good to know that the file is up now. berch
  2. Thanks for checking, I was starting to wonder if I was being terribly stupid about something...
  3. Thanks. I'll see if I can't dig the crack up somewhere else, too, and maybe share it back. These macbook airs need a USB cd-rom, which is a huge pain, so I think there'll be more people interested in this soon....
  4. I was just using the native tools in OS X, but since the person who provided the file specifically mentioned it, I just now tried Stuffit Expander, and was also prompted for a password. Are you trying it? Or is it just working for the provider of the file? I ask because the provider of the file probably has the .DMG password stored in their OS X keychain and so wouldn't be prompted.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Just to clarify, I get prompted for a password on the .dmg file. I click on on the file I downloaded ( and it unzips fine. The only file that comes out of the .zip is NOLF2-NoCDPatchMac.dmg. I click on that and the system tells me to enter a password. I'm using Snow Leopard, the latest version. Thanks, Berch
  6. I downloaded the No CD Crack, but the DMG requires a password to mount, but I can't find it anywhere. Anybody know what it is? Thanks, Berch