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  1. ONYX

    Nolf 2 Doomsday - Sunday nights

    I keep seeing people, every now and then, go online and never see anybody. Anyone in favour of a regular Sunday night frag? say GMT 11.30 am PST US Pacific Time 12.30 pm MST US Mountain Time 13.30 pm CST US Central Time 14.30 pm EST US Eastern Time 19.30 pm GMT 20.30 pm CET Central European Time 21.30 pm EET Eastern European Time Summertime 12.30 pm PST US Pacific Time (Summertime) 13.30 pm MST US Mountain Time (Summertime) 14.30 pm CST US Central Time (Summertime) 13.00 pm EST US Eastern Time (Summertime) 19.30 pm GMT 20.30 pm BST British Summer Time 21.30 pm CET Central European Time (Summertime) 22.30 pm EET Eastern European Time (Summertime) Any comments
  2. ONYX

    A NOLF Game Night?

    25 days to go
  3. Hey Ion, good to see back, look forward to fragging with you again (graphics willing of course)
  4. ONYX

    NOLF 2 Community Revitalize

    Maybe we could ask E1 if she could put out a circular for August weekend? What doya think E1
  5. ONYX

    Nolf 2 Community Recap

    Welcome back AE, jeez you're going back a ways.........I joined the nolf community in 2004, WR had gone by then but ST were still going strong. Why WR dissolved I didn't find out.
  6. Great minds think alike, exactly what I posted a couple of days ago..............now.........more to the point when are you going to join a server with us ?? Join by IP
  7. ONYX

    Whatsapp NOLF online user group

    For online players wanting to find out what time people are in the server....... If you haven't already got it, download whatsapp on your phone and txt me on whatsapp and I'll invite you to the NOLF group. It will be quicker to find out who's going into the server. ONYX siavonga@hotmail.com
  8. ONYX

    A NOLF Game Night?

    40 days to go
  9. Yay Bella........good to see you back
  10. siavonga@hotmail.com
  11. ha ha.....is it only us two Hugo? maybe we should email each other when were free
  12. Been in today & yesterday .................all quiet
  13. ONYX


    Hope you get back soon Pepp
  14. Its gone really quite, plus the server went down.