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  1. always but nothing change..it's destiny
  2. it isn't on linux XD the game is in windows.. In that moment I was on linux and I didn't want to reboot the computer XD
  3. at the moment I'm on linux but I've already said that it's correct.. you can watch previous image or this... don't look media ecc because it's on linux and it's different.. the path on windows it C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods and it's 32bit version..
  4. ....o.o one word.. how it can be possible XD I've downloaded from this site and installed v1.3 english retail... no change .. nothing XD and custom button doesn't want to appear .. but why the language is italian and not english?... edit: ok now it's in english but the launcher is italian and there is no custom button
  5. ....ok but I think that it's correct.. could you give me your "english launcher"? .. I'd like to try xD maybe works p.s I've tried also LivesForeverPlus == not work...
  6. already done.. nothing :cry2:
  7. sorry for double post I've some news..I've downloaded italian patch.. no custom button.. I've runned "C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe" -mod LivesForever.rez (also tried without .rez) and then I've closed the game.. I've found JoinByIp 2.0 and try to connect.. nolf2 begin and then said: cd key non valido (incorrect cd key) .. HOW!! ... I've original cds with the serial on the cover.. please help what i have to do?
  8. yes I've found the patch 1.3 retail in the 3rd cd with "giochi per il mio computer" (megazine, 2004).. when I play Nolf2 there is "v1.3 retail" written in the home.. .. I'm trying to download 1.3 italian from this site.. but my internet connection is very slow .. so it want many hours for 30 mb...I hope that it will work and if it'll work I refer my internet connection the 17th..and for the first 3gb then my internet connection should be enough fast.. sorry for this english but as I've said.. I'm italian XD ...it download 4,2 mb and then stop..uff..I think becouse it goes in timeout
  9. there already exist.. I've copied LivesForever folder (within LivesForever.rez) in Mods.. but there isn't the button..It never have been on the launcher.. what I have to do? I want to play with all people on the servers but now i can't for this and for my internet connection.. the 17th of August maybe if this will work .. I will refer my offer for internet (vodafone unfortunately)
  10. Hi I've Nolf 2 with path v1.3 retail.. I'm trying to play online and I've downloaded LivesForever from this site.. I'm following the instructions but I cannot see custom button on the launcher.. why? please help me.. oh god are 09:53 AM there?....o.o in italy 18:23 PM xD