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  1. HI   anybody there?  I need a little help

    1. Eliteone
    2. radioguy



            I have everything working is (and was) RADIOGUY. Just by luck, I happened to find that the "LivesForever Plus" mod allows me to get into more servers. I already had the "LivesForever" mod. If there are ANY other mods that I SHOULD have I would appreciate hearing from you. I have the recommended maps installed from "needed files".                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                    thanks for the reply,   Radioguy

  2. Played around with the launch config settings and unchecked 'Run as Admin' and turned off compatibility mode and the texture problem seemed to resolve itself.
  3. So I start up the NOLF2 single player story, and for the most part everything is running fine on Win 7 x64, sound effects are now present along with the music. The graphics behave normally as they should, though, except for the crossbow. For the most part the crossbow is a solid color (a blue or something similar) but sometimes it flashes to the actual texture and then back. I'm running on maximum settings, 1024x768 (32 bits of color), and launching NOLF2 by running in WinXP SP3 compatibility and running as administrator. But this does not seem to change this graphical bug. Help would be appreciated!
  4. Great work!! I know this may be asking a lot but would it be possible to have you rip the soundtracks for both these games in lossless? That way we could have an exact duplicate of the CD without any loss of quality due to compression.
  5. I recently installed this game on a Windows 7 64-bit setup, where I had successfully played NOLF1 without any problems. When I started up the game, while I heard music there were no sound effects from gameplay. I've set both Lithtech.exe and NOLF2.exe to run as Adminstrator and in Win XP SP3 compatibility mode, but no dice. I'm running the game without patches right now, a fresh install from the discs. Any suggestions? I've trawled the web to find a solution but none have availed themselves. I'm really looking forward to playing this game as I enjoyed the first immensely.