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  1. WickedNOLF

    Shall we petition Monolith to distribute NOLF2 on Steam?

    A release on GoG.com is more likely. And preferable, I might add. GoG.com = DRM Free games with extra goodies on top..and for low price..and you do not need to install a client to download your games. Need I say more?
  2. Contract J.A.C.K. is a half-assed game. Gone are all the little things that separated NOLF1 & 2 from all the other shooters. CJ is a mindless game for one rainy afternoon. Although I did like the ending and the start (where Volkov actually talks and stuff). Overall, I'd give 5/10 to the game, while both NOLF games are 9.5/10 for me. (this is all for singleplayer only)
  3. WickedNOLF

    NOLF 2 Singleplayer

    Managed to get it installed and working. I can connect to any server listed in the Join by IP tool. Unfortunately, they were all empty when I tried. Gotta wait until NOLF o'clock I guess
  4. WickedNOLF

    NOLF 2 Singleplayer

    That sounds intriguing I am gonna have to get myself to install Lives Forever mod plus all the map packs one of these days
  5. WickedNOLF

    NOLF-like games

    Thanks for the tips guys! I've played Thief a long time ago..a classic
  6. WickedNOLF

    No One Lives Forever Extras

    Additional NOLF 2 Wallpapers/models/pictures (due to "images per post limit" they are not included in the original post)
  7. Please share wallpapers, music, fanart, models etc. I am especially interested in HD wallpapers! Is there a NOLF artbook? I have not seen one anywhere I'll start: The Operative: No One Lives Forever Soundtrack (click to enlarge) Download link: (direct download, no waiting) https://rapidshare.com/files/929039194/No_One_Lives_Forever_Soundtrack.zip Wallpapers/models/pictures Cover box (huge pic) http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/903/nolf1pccover.jpg No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s way Soundtrack (click to enlarge) Download link: (direct download, no waiting) https://rapidshare.com/files/3367836385/No_One_Lives_Forever_2_Soundtrack.zip Wallpapers/models/pictures Fansite Kit by Monolith (not much stuff though) Download link: (direct download, no waiting) https://rapidshare.com/files/1001550427/NOLF2_Fansitekit.zip
  8. WickedNOLF

    NOLF-like games

    GoldenEye is not available for the PC, unfortunately Quantum of Solace was too linear for my tastes. Not really stealthy game. Bloodstone as well, though it was better than QoS IMHO. It's sad that there are only so few games that take place in the 60s.
  9. WickedNOLF

    NOLF-like games

    I've played NOLF, NOLF 2 - brilliant games that will always have a special place in my all-time games lists. Contract JACK was a major disappointment for me. Other games: James Bond 007: Nightfire (released 2002) - Spy game, but not nearly as good. Beyond Good and Evil (released 2003) - Often overlooked gem. Not a spy game, but it does have a strong female protagonist, good humour and great story. Deus Ex (released 2000) - Allows for stealth/action gameplay, has great story. Any other tips? Today's shooters are too linear and scripted with way too much focus on action. So sad..
  10. WickedNOLF

    NOLF 2 Singleplayer

    It seems most people here play NOLF2 for its multiplayer, but the singleplayer campaign is amazing (apart from some minor annoyances) and better than multiplayer IMHO. What is your favourite Cate Archer build (what do you improve with the skill points)? I usually go for: Stealth 4/5 Stamina 4/5 Marksmanship 4/5 Carrying 3/5 Armor 5/5 Weapons 5/5 Gadgets 2/5 Search 4/5 Gadgets and Carrying are the last two things I upgrade. Weapons, Marksmanship, Stealth and Armor are among the first.
  11. WickedNOLF

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone! I am a huge NOLF and NOLF2 fan. I have played Contract J.A.C.K. too, but found it lacking since it does not have that humour and stealthy espionage feel. And not to mention no Cate :/ I have been replaying the two NOLF games recently and was looking for widescreen mods/patches, and eventually I found this place. It looks great! I will enjoy my stay here for sure! By the way, why is nolfg1rl.com (word filter?) down? I used to go there all the time (though it was a long time ago). In any case, good to see NOLF still has strong community after all that time.